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2018 Year of Golden Week day and congestion prediction. I tried collecting events & recommendation spots (← updating to plain)

Hello. I'm sorry for my swollen face and strange bangs. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. The spring vacation is over and the Golden week is coming soon!
Are you planning to go out? What? This time, from the line of sun, when you go out may be able to spend Golden Week relatively comfortably? What? So I think that I can introduce it.

Golden week in 2018 year! ! time limit?

Saturday, April 28 (Saturday)
April 29 (Sunday) Showa Day (Holidays)
April 30 (Monday) Transfer holiday
May 1st (Tue) Weekday
Wednesday, May 2 (Wed)
May 3 (Thu) Constitution Memorial Day (Holiday)
May 4th (Friday) Greenery Day (Holidays)
May 5 (Saturday) Children's Day (Holidays)
Sunday, May 6 (Sunday)
So, in general,4 holidays from 28 month 4 day (Saturday) to 30 month 3 day (Monday)!After 1 day · 2 day and weekday continue,5 holidays from 3 month 5 day (Thu) to 6 month 4 day (Sun)! ! !It becomes.

Golden week in 2018 year! ! What is the congestion situation? What?

Which day is crowded? What? Therefore, looking at the vacancy calendar of Jalan net which is a major hotel reservation site, the situation is as follows. * 4 Month 8 The availability of the date and time point

Because it is a bit hard to see, looking at the graph, it looks like the following.

The peak of consecutive holidays is predicted to be around 5 days and 3 days of the 4 month, and congestion is also predicted for the previous 4 month, 28 day, and 29 day.

If your work is completely closed from 4 month 28 day to 5 month 6 day, it may be correct to go out between 4 month 30 day to 5 month 2 day.

To travel golden week comfortably

Let's depart 2 hours earlier than you think, so that you will not get frustrated with journeys, traffic jams!
Especially, those who are considering lodging trips must go early near the accommodation facilities and do not sightsee, the roads are crowded and the dinner time goes far beyond .... What happens often. Lunch and lunch will also fail to eat while looking for crowded shops. Because the tragedy that tends to happen, it is recommended to arrive and line up before the target shop opens.

✓ Departure is 2 hours ahead of schedule. ◎ Any momentum to eat breakfast at your destination
✓ Let's finish the toilet before departure!
✓ In case of accommodation, play early before going to accommodation nearby
✓ Lunch is lined up before shop opening
✓ Do not get frustrated even in traffic jams, keep safe driving in mind

Which spot do you recommend for Golden Week?

From here onward, it will be totally personal subjectivity, but I personally recommend that you go out to the nearby place as much as possible if planning in the immediate future as a method of choosing a place to go for Golden Week recommendation. After that, it seems not to be congested. So I will pick you up and introduce it.

1. "Just a nice countryside"

Until now, there may have been many people not recognized as a tourist spot so much, Kamimoto prefecture Mamoru Castle area. Actually, it is "just a good country" where fertile cafes and activities are also fulfilled although rich nature remains. It's perfect for distance from Kumamoto city as well as from Masuki IC, so it's perfect for going out for Golden Week.

Actually, since there are many articles in the Ueshiro area at Otaru and Kumamoto, it would be greatly appreciated by all means.

● Sightseeing information page of Munekisuki is here

2. Sanbayama village
Sometimes there are almost no signals, so the Golden Week is almost congested. It's a great place! I recommend the following 4 places.

● Ikeyama water source

It is a source of water that ranked first in the "Japan's Water Source" ranking!

There is also footbath (foot water?) That can enjoy water.

● Yamabuki water source

Stop in the parking lot and walk on such a promenade. It is about 40 minutes in round trip.

The pond where the water of the water source accumulates in the back. It is mysterious.

● Sedan

Rather than sightseeing spot, although it is a rice field, you can see the rice paddies spread out like a fan and the Aso Goryakuda in the back. It is on the way to Yamabuki water source, so it is the scenery you want to see by all means.

Ubayama ranch

3. Go Go Village
Personally I am interested in Historia Terrace, I would like to go (personal desire)

What are the events scheduled for Golden Week?

Events are held in Golden Week in various places. I am not able to find out all of them, but I will introduce some of them.

First time camp 2018
This was an event I was interested in because I wanted to have children participate someday! This is a Golden Week camp for children only. 1 night 2 day course and 2 night 3 day course. Set up tents, outdoor pancakes that ignite firewood, starry sky observation, etc. The 2 night course seems to carry out canoeing and campfire!

Date and time period:
2 night 3 day course: 4 / 28 (Sat)-4 / 30 (Monday / Holiday)
1 night 2 day course: 5 / 3 (Thursday) to 5 / 4 (Friday)
4 / 28 to 4 / 30 2 night course: 19,800 yen (excluding tax)
5 / 3 to 5 / 4 1 night course: 12,800 yen (excluding tax)
Venue: Misato Town Yasuragi Exchange Experience Facility Genki Forest Kajika
Address: Mimi-machi Shimojuku-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture Takeshi River 1675
Contact: 0964-46-3993 (Misato-cho Yasuragi Exchange Experience Facility Genki no Mori Kajika)
Official HP:

Spring aso rose festival 2018
I will color the rose of the largest Western Japan with roses around the world. Also a rose auction of enjoyment. The restaurant which had been closed since the Kumamoto earthquake is finally coming back from the 4 moon!

Date and time period:
2018 year 4 month 28 day (Saturday) to 2018 year 6 month 10 day (Sunday)
Event holding time: 9 hour to 17 hour
Price: Rose Garden entrance fee Adult 400 yen, elementary and middle school student 200 yen, less than elementary school student free
Venue: Hana Aso
Address: Kosato Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture 781
Contact: 0967-23-6262 (Hana Aso Mi)
Official HP:

● In Greenland, there are lots of events during GW!
· Soreike! Anpanman Show
Date / period: 4 / 29, 30 * 1 times / 12 time ~ 2 times / 15 time ~

· Illumination event "Fantasy of light"
Date / period: 5 / 3 to 5 / 5 (excludes ~ 5 / 2)

· HUG! Precure show

Venue: Greenland
Price: Free for viewing any event (※ Admission to the park area adult fee adult 1,600 yen Children 800 yen)
Address: Midoriokaoka, Arao, Kumamoto Prefecture
Parking lot: 1 day 500 yen
Contact: 0968-66-1112
Official HP:

By the way, in Oguni Towns where I live, there is the Okodo Stone Festival on April 29, the Spring Festival of the Republic of Mazen on May 4, etc. Also the carp streamer & carp streamer light up of the Shikade Onsen are under way. In the Shikade Onsen, during the period from May 3 (Wednesday) to 5 (Fri) (Fri), we will be installing something like "Gentle Fluffy (※ children can enter and play)".

Well then, everyone has a nice holiday.


Morinaga Born in Kumamoto and raised in Kumamoto. While living in the prefecture, I live in Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun now. My favorite food is cabbage and cucumber. If you get drunk, you have a habit of cutting your hair yourself.

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Morinaga Born in Kumamoto and raised in Kumamoto. While living in the prefecture, I live in Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun now. My favorite food is cabbage and cucumber. If you get drunk, you have a habit of cutting your hair yourself.

  • 83
  • 68