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Golden Week in 2019 year is on 10 consecutive holidays! Introduce spring-in and out spot of Kumamoto at once!

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Did you know that this year's Golden Week is 10 consecutive holidays? I worked in the tourism industry 10 consolidated work has been confirmed.

In line with the new emperor's throne, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his intention to make 2019 the month of 5 a holiday only in 1, and the 10 consecutive holidays were finalized as a result of a cabinet decision. What about 30 and 2 days? ? In fact, there is a law called the “Holiday Law”, and it is decided that “the day before and the next day are holidays” shall be a holiday.

Golden week which tends to be a stepping stone every year. There were heavy traffic congestion caused by gathering people gathering in a short period of time, but due to the benefits of this throne day, it became a super long-term holidays, and may be dispersed to some extent? What? There seems to be some opinion.

We will introduce the highlight of Golden Week and Kumamoto.

The restoration continues Kumamoto castle

Kumamoto City has set up a basic restoration plan, and Kumamoto castle is undergoing acclaimed restoration work. Although there is a high possibility that it will not be in time for Golden Week, it is said that during the 2019 year the appearance of Omoroji will be restored and you will be able to view from the front of the castle tower etc. for sun and celebrations only. I would be pleased if you can see Kumamoto Castle that you can see for now by all means.

Click here for the basic restoration plan

Speaking of what you want to taste in Kumamoto, there are lots of ramen and horse-stinging, but "Katsuteri no Katsu" is also a must-have item. Of course the cutlets are delicious, as well as the cabbage of the association is delicious, it is definitely going to change again.

By the way, if you want to eat horse sting, please also read here.

And, recently (2018 year 11 end of the month) was born as a new spot Luffy statue of a one piece appeared in the prefectural office of Kumamoto.

Rafting in Hitoyoshi Kuma & Gourmet for local people

Speaking of Golden Week, when rafting starts! I descend the Rumikawa river which is also the biggest torrent in Japan with a rubber boat, but it is very thrilling and fun!

For thrilling a bit ,,,, those who recommend it are down the river River. You can enjoy the falling rivers of Hinnichi Kumaki slowly in spring.

Talking about Hitoyoshi eel, Speaking of eel is Uemura eel. There is no doubt that you will not forget once you eat the eel of fluffy. By the way, because it arranges pretty well, it is recommended to line up from around 11 time and eat at the same time as opening.

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And another recommended dumplings! Personally I like Matsuteru and it is a place to drop by when I go to Hitoyoshi.

Hitoyoshi city also features many public baths called town hot springs. I really like the retro feeling of the new hot spring.

After all Aso

Spring Aso is a black grassland right after burning. However, when it comes to Golden Week, fresh green begins to bud, spreading out a wonderful little green landscape.

Early spring, cloud sea can be seen on day when temperature difference is big. This superb view is definitely worthy to get up early.

Kurokawa Onsen after all the hot springs. It is just a good season to purchase bathing bills that can go about 3 cases and open-air bathing tours as well.

Recently recommended lunch spot is larkly grill.

It is located on the site of the Hibari factory, which manufactures sausages and others that won the German awards, and you can taste delicious sausages and bacon.

Gatsuri and steak too! It is a dying place for those who like meat.

Individually, garlic rice also had a good taste, salty of bacon on top was the best match and delicious.

Amakusa has a delicious seasonal sea urchin season

Speaking of Amakusa in the spring is a purple sea urchin, and the purple sea urchin is Spring Amakusa. In the year, sea urchin fishing is lifted in the lunar of 3 month, and you can taste the fastest sea urchin in Kyushu. 5 In the period until the middle of the month, a menu using sea urchin is being offered at affiliated restaurant by saying "Amakusa raw seemingly stupid", please stop by all means.
It is also recommended tofu.

Besides, in the Amakusa of spring, Amakusa West Coast spring spring pottery city and Golden Week fossil classroom etc are carried out every year.

I can not remove dolphin watching that I can meet wild dolphins.

This year's Taiga is Kin Chestnut 4

The main character of the big drama "Iiden" in 2019 year is Mr. Kin Kurihi, the Tamana-shi honorary citizen's 1 issue. Why do not you visit Tamana for a journey that touches Kimura Risa's birthplace?

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Speaking of Tamana name is Tamana Ramen. Personally I love Otora Ramen.

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The scenery from Renshuin Birth Temple Okunoin is a superb view, so it is a place I would like to stop by.

in conclusion

What did you think? At the present time (2018 year 12 month point), event information etc. are not settled and it has become a very rough introduction, but I thought that "Golden Week should go to Kumamoto!" I'm happy if I can.

I will introduce you little by little as you know the information in the future ~.


Morinaga Born in Kumamoto and raised in Kumamoto. While living in the prefecture, I live in Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun now. My favorite food is cabbage and cucumber. If you get drunk, you have a habit of cutting your hair yourself.

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Morinaga Born in Kumamoto and raised in Kumamoto. While living in the prefecture, I live in Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun now. My favorite food is cabbage and cucumber. If you get drunk, you have a habit of cutting your hair yourself.

  • 83
  • 68