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I am introducing "Fri Kinokuri (Kannuri Shigeru)" from the Kumamoto prefecture, the father of a Japanese marathon who is currently talking about in the Olympics for the first time in Japanese!

Do you know the Japanese marathon's father "Kinnikuri Shikisa (Kannuri Yuu)"? !

Since it is not a person who is generally well-known, it seems that there were a lot of people who took a look at some sports fans and said "Who is that?"

However, this seemingly gold Kin chestnut is actually a great person who supported the sports leap in Japan. It is also the founder of Hakone Ekiden which plays the first Olympic appearance as a Japanese and makes enthusiasm for New Year's tea ceremony.

In 2019 year, in Kumamoto where he was born and raised, "Kin chestnut four festival" citing the prefecture!

At the Shinkansen entrance of JR Kumamoto Station, we will welcome passengers with Kumamon.

Right before the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, we want to look back on the dawn of modern Japan sports and one of its leading figures, Kin Chestnuts. There were a lot of interesting episodes there.

I will press closer to the lifetime of the topic Kin Chestnut Fours!

I brought up to my father in Japan marathon is a school street of round trip 12 kilometers!

Kin chestnuts 4 was born in Meiji 24 year (1891 year) 8 month 20 day, Spring Tomimura (present · Kishimachi) in Tamana gun, Kumamoto prefecture. Father Nobuhiko is a frail constitution, quitting the brewing industry which was a family business before the birth of Kin Chestnuts.

Kimura was born and raised in a village of mountain village rich in nature. Primary school is far from 6 kilometer one way, and at that time there are not popular shuttle buses and private cars. Children wore "straw sandals" (straw sandalwood) in winter, barefoot in summer, and as a matter of course they walked down the way of 12 kilometers round trip.

It was a weak constitution as well as my father, and Kimura-san, who had no confidence in exercise, was reportedly said to be earlier than anyone if he started running.

By the way, gold chestnuts four that had excellent results from childhood. He gradually advanced to Yoshihoko Elementary School, Tamanaoku Senior High School, Tamana Junior High School, and his grades seemed to be 1, 2 in grade.

Kim Kuri, who was advised to go to a senior high school, takes an Naval Academy, but failed because of keratitis. I decided to go on pursuant to my brother 's advice, "I want to become a good teacher" passed the Tokyo High Normal School (present University of Tsukuba) which I took on slip prevention.

Encounter with Kago Jigoro who changed his life.

Kim Kuri, who entered Tokyo High Normal School, encounters a lifelong master who will change his life here. That name is Jigoro Kana. He is called "father of judo" and has a lot of influence on Japanese education and sports world.

At the time Kin Chestnut Four was enrolled, Jigoro Kana was the principal of the Tokyo High Normal School. It is said that he recommended sports as well as studying, and held a marathon contest for 2 times at school in the year.

Kin chestnuts four who participated in the spring competition immediately after entering the school finish in 25 place. In the autumn competition in anticipation of frustration, we won 3 prize and Kagami Jigoro praised as "Excellent fight as 1 graders". I entered the walking section (land section) where I enthusiastically invited entrance with promotion.

Kin chestnuts who entered the walking section imposed themselves to practice twice as much as they did, and encouraged practice from early in the morning. Thanks to the trained stamina, I grow up to be an invincible long distance runner not only inside the school but also in the country.

The way to the topic "Kim Kuri-san's" Father of the Japanese Marathon "has started from here.

Aiming for Japanese first Olympic appearance.

Jigoro Kana is a person selected as the first IOC member in Asia (International Olympic Committee). 1912 year 5 times Japan is expected to participate in the Stockholm Olympics and I will work on related organizations, but the government's stance is heavy and the Ministry of Education is stubborn. We will call the university volunteers in Tokyo unavoidably and establish the Dai Nippon Sports Association (later JOC, Japan Olympic Committee). Kano, who took office as the first president, managed to hold an Olympic qualifying event in order to elect a participating player.

Kim Kuri, who played in this qualifying session, wears socks instead of running shoes that did not exist in Japan at that time. Even though there are accidents that will be barefoot as the socks broke on the way, I am surprised the world by winning the marathon world record of that time by more than 27 records.

"I would like you to participate in the Olympics as a long distance player"

Although it is a very honorable offer, I will refuse Golden Chestnuts 4 for breaking the disorder. Travel expenses for which the government declined aid, 5 monthly staying expenses, long absence, graduation .... The problems were piles. Nevertheless Kano was eager to persuade him.

"Kin chestnut, also for Japan sports world" Become the bell of the dawn! "

Impressed by this word, my heart was moved Kin chestnuts 43. Let's do it only as much as possible, if we can become the force of backwards ... I firm up my determination. However, it does not change that funds are insufficient. Kin chestnuts is a painful thought, so we ask for help in our hometown.

Kanakuri Shita wrote a letter asking for the use of travel expenses of 1,800 yen (about 500 ten thousand yen) to Kin Chestnut real order (Kanakuri Azukugi) who supports all sides after his father's death It was. In fact I was very pleased that 43 became the representative, and it seems that the travel cost promised to prepare even if I sold the field. In addition, volunteer volunteers established a supporters association. 1,500 yen also helped me.

In addition, when we talked with measures of Tsukasa Kurosaka (Kurosaka Shinsaku) craftsman of a local neighborhood socks shop "Harimaya Tabi Shop" during the qualifying, we thickened the bottom of the socks 3 to make it thick "marathon Tabi "successfully developed. This anecdote also became a model of the novel "Rikuo" by Ike Well Jun.

The first Olympic appearance makes me bitter memories.

Meiji 45 Years 1912 Month 5 Japan departs from Japan and arrived in Stockholm over 16 days. Yozo Kanaguri and Yahiko Mishima. It was an unimaginable long trip using a ship and the Siberian Railway.

Communication with foreigners in Stockholm lodging and meals, Northern Europe unique white night. Local living is stressful and Omori Morakura (Ooumori Hyogo) who accompanied as a coach worsened pulmonary tuberculosis. Kannuri Shi and Mishima Yahiko were forced to practice without a coach, the tournament finally began.

Mr. Yoshihiko Mishima will participate in qualifying for 100m, 200m run, but even if I marked a self-record, it was the lowest and the difference with the world was clear.

Also, marathon participants are 68 names. Only Atsugi Kin contained participation from the Asian district. Kimura-san, who had never played against foreign players, was involved in flying at high pace immediately after the start, making it an overpace. While I can not race my own, I will continue to do a good fight, Kim Kuriho 4 raise the rank up to 17 place and pass through the turning point ....

Kannichura four which became fluffy with full bodily creation due to hard paved road surface, lack of sleep due to white night, hot temperature exceeding the temperature 35 degree will leave the course and struggle in the forest, will lose consciousness as it is.

The marathon at the Stockholm tournament has become a harsh survival race where 34 name abstains, one person dies, unconscious Kim Chestnut was rescued by Swedish farmer Eljien Petre and he received a careful nursing.

Because Kin Chestnut Four forgot to submit abstention submission to the event headquarters, the record was treated as "missing" instead of "abstention".

The dream of Berlin disappeared and the birth of Hakone Ekiden.

Kim Kuri, who returned to the Tokyo High Normal School, started practicing for the Berlin Games after 4 years. After graduation, I will decide to transfer to Aichi Ichiba, but Kimura Shi wants to go to the Graduate School of Normal School to aim for Berlin, which was accepted and left in Tokyo.

When I graduate from Normal School, I am married to Kumamoto and I am married to Haruno Suya, a daughter of a doctor in Ishinomaki village, recommended by my brother's founder. Kimura-san, who left Shinkawa / Suya in Kumamoto and returned to Tokyo, resumed practicing for Berlin with the reflection of Stockholm. I will go to schools in various areas and give guidance and I will work for spreading marathons.

However, in the Taisho 3 year (1914 year), the First World War broke out, Kim Chestnut X 3 was 26 years old to be robbed of war by the age and ability competition age of competition ... . Nonetheless, it is not golden chestnuts that will crush here.

After graduating from Tokyo Graduate School of Advanced Normal Normal School, I moved to Kanagawa Normal School. Military service was exempted because it was decided that it was for the Japanese country, so Kimurugi put much effort into disseminating and strengthening the marathon even more.

Shimonoseki, realized through partnership with the Asahi Newspaper - Tokyo 1200 killing, Nikko - Tokyo 130 km marathon, one after another, after the "Fuji climbing marathon combining Tokyo Highway Training" And will strengthen the discovery and development of marathon players.

During the Taisho 8 year (1919 year), the concept of cross-country relay railway which will run between San Francisco and New York is born. When bringing this story to the newspaper company, we could install a sponsorship, and we decided to have a qualifying session in the US across the USA. This is the predecessor of the current Hakone Ekiden.

To the stage of the Olympics three times!

The 4 schools of Tokyo Higher Normal, Waseda, Keio and Meiji gave their name to the qualifying event for the cross-American Ekiden. The first 1 tournament started at 9 on the afternoon of 1920 month 2 day of Taisho 14 year, Tokyo Higher Normal School won the championship, and the tradition of Hakone Ekiden has been steadily built from here.

In addition, 4 moon of this year, Kimurao 4 who came 30 years old passed through the preliminaries, elected as representatives, and sent to the Antwerp Olympics. Kim Chestnut Four raised the rank up to the highest 5 place in the marathon, but the end resulted in a foot injury and the final result was 16 place and regret was left.

When returning from the Olympic Games, Kannichiro goes to work at Tokyo Women's Normal School (now Ochanomizu University) and puts emphasis on women's sports advancement.

After 4 years, Kim Chestnut 43 who had been 34 years old during the Paris Olympics held. I was thinking of retiring the front line of the marathon, but the young prospective athlete dropped out one after another at the qualifying session where I participated, and Kimurugi 4 won the championship and it was elected Olympic representative. However, at the 8 Paris Olympics who participated, it was decided to lose consciousness and abstain from losing consciousness because it was not able to demonstrate its ability.

And at the end of this tournament, Kin Chestnut Four has finished his career as a player.

In the Showa 4 Amsterdam Olympics, 3 years later, Kaneda Yamada won the 1928 position and Kiichiro Tsuda won the Marathon 4 position. After hearing this news, Kanaguri was thrilled. His challenge to the Olympics was a disappointing result, but it can be said that he played a great role in opening up the road and nurturing the next generation.

After World War II, many athletes scattered young lives, the All Japan Daily Marathon (now · Biwako daily marathon) and the "First Kanaguri Prize Marathon" (now · Kinuguri Marathon Games ) Held. Kim Kuri, watching Japanese reconstruction, was involved in training Japanese players active in international competitions such as the Olympic Games and the Boston Marathon.

And, in recognition of its tremendous achievements, in the Showa 30 year (1955 year), it has won the first purple honorable prize as a sportsman.

Kimura who played the moving goal for the first time in 55.

In Showa 42, Yozo Kanaguri stood in Stockholm, a memorable place. I was invited to a commemorative event at the Stockholm Olympics. According to the record at the tournament, Kanaguri Shizuku had not yet reached the goal because his intention to abstain was not communicated. At the Stockholm stadium that remained at that time, Yozo Kanaguri runs in plain clothes. The moment the goal tape was cut, the announced marathon time was "1967 years and 54 months 8 days 6 hours 5 minutes 32 seconds".

Golden chestnuts 43 said that they gave the audience a great deal of greetings, saying, "I took my wife during this time and my children got 6 and grandchild 10 people."

A great athlete · Kin chestnuts four who put "motility, energy, effort" as the motto, great athletes who left a great achievement in sports promotion in Japan, achieved a great birthday at Showa 58 year (1983 year), Ryo 92 years old.

The Japanese marathon's father "Golden Chestnut Four" × "Kumamon" collaboration mineral water appeared!

Early in the New Year, limited mineral water which the topic "Kin Chestnuts III" and "Kumamon" collaborated will appear.

2019 year 1 month 8 day-3 month 21 days (campaigns will end as soon as it disappears), flyers being installed at the runners station around the Imperial Palace in Ginza Kumamotokan, the first 500 name Nantes I will give it away for free!

Kumamoto's delicious water called bottleneck nationwide is bottled in the bottle carved with cute runner figure "Kumamon" and "Kin chestnuts 4".

A valuable collaboration water that only available now, please try getting it ♪

Otto and Kumamoto editorial department

Otto and Kumamoto editorial department I want to PR for food and sightseeing in Kumamoto! Otto and the Kumamoto editorial department are looking for various things and quotes at various places in the prefecture every day to discover the new charm of Kumamoto.

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Otto and Kumamoto editorial department

Otto and Kumamoto editorial department I want to PR for food and sightseeing in Kumamoto! Otto and the Kumamoto editorial department are looking for various things and quotes at various places in the prefecture every day to discover the new charm of Kumamoto.

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