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"Ryowa 1st year Kumamoto Yamaga Waguri Sweets Fair" held! !

Period: September 1 (Sun)-November 30 (Saturday)

Please enjoy unique Japanese and Western chestnut sweets! !

[This year, the largest number of 22 locations]

“Yamaga Waguri” in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume in western Japan, is usually harvested from the end of the month of 8 and is popular among many people as a representative of the taste of autumn.

There are many shops in Yamaga City that offer Japanese and Western sweets using the Yamaga Japanese chestnuts, and they offer unique Japanese and Western sweets such as the local cuisine Kuri Dango, buns, cakes and bread. .

Participating cooperative stores will also be gathering this time to hold a limited-time Japanese and Western chestnut sweets and to enjoy the stamp rally as well.

When you get the pamphlets installed at participating stores, get stamps at three stores, and apply, you will receive a chestnut sweet worth ¥ 2,000 by lottery.

Opinion. Please let us know your requests.

This time, the Perfect Award is also being prepared. This is also a lottery, but presents are also available. Please challenge.
Please post more articles at #Yamaga Waguri Sweets Fair.

* [Caution] Many shops are handmade and not large in scale, so depending on the time of day, the target products may be sold out. We are working hard, but we encourage you to contact us as much as possible.

Target: Target stores in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Period: 2019 year 9 month 1 day (Sunday) to 11 month 30 day (Saturday)

Inquiries: Yamaga Japanese chestnut cake shop An
TEL: 0968-48-4648

For inquiries about details, please contact each store.
For details, go to the following site.

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