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“Kikuka Winery Thanksgiving Day 2019” colors the 1 anniversary with wine, food and music! !


Do you know "Kikuka Winery"? Last year in the mountains of Kikuka Town

A winery opened in

Someone who has been asked the names "Kikuka Chardonnay" and "Kikuka Cabernet"

Won't you come?

The brewery that makes such wine, Kikuka Winery, will celebrate the 11 anniversary in 1.

Period: Year 9 (Saturday) of 11 month to 11 month (Sunday)

We express our gratitude for 1 in the name of "Thank you"

It is an event that you can enjoy together.

A concert where top artists from various genres gather

Perfect for the winery location,

I think there is no doubt that you can enjoy it.

On the day, a stage and a Marche will appear in the lawn square.

At Thanksgiving, “Kikuka Chardonnay Fresh 2019”

The sale of 2018 wines called “Kikuka Chardonnay Wooded 2” has been decided,

This is a limited item for sale only at Kikuka Winery.

If you haven't drink yet, how about this opportunity?

"NIKKEI plus 1 anything ranking" A delicious and enjoyable winery chosen by experts

“Kumamoto Wine Farm Kikuka Winery” was selected as the 8th place in the country! !

There are many other pizzas, breads and souvenirs unique to Kikuka Winery!

The place is near Sagara Temple, famous for Sagara Kannon.

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Kikuka Winery AIRA RIDGE


Please! ! !

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