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The best feast is vegetables Organic village Yamatocho Sake Brewery Marche! !

The best feast is"Vegetables""sake""The clear air of Yamato-cho"! !

Held in Yamato-cho, an organic village"Sake Brewery Marche"I will guide you!

Hello everyone (^^ ♪

Harvest festival and Marche are held in various areas in the fall of autumn.

When I go to the Harvest Festival or Marche, I suddenly feel excited and eat too much ...

This time, not only for Marchemania, but also for those who are wondering where to go

Introducing the perfect Marche!

2019 year 12 month 1 day (Saturday) onlyIt will be held!

Time: 10:00 to 16:00

Venue: Tsujun Sake Brewery

I want to go! If you think you should write in your calendar now! !


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Kumamoto DMC Tour Plaza Kamitsu also guides you,

Please feel free to contact us ♪♪

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