[Kami Amakusa/Yushima] Yushima feeling in the video♪ (Updated on 7/1)

My name is Miyata, and I love rice and cats.

On June 19, the self-restraint was eased further, and the movement of people across prefectures was lifted in principle throughout the country.

However, I think some people are hesitant to go out and go to places where people gather.

It has been introduced in many media such as television, and it is said that Yushima, a cat cat island famous nationwide, has come to see many tourists last Sunday.

Today, I'd like to go to Yushima, but where people are still gathering ..., outing is still a little ... I will upload a video so that you can feel the atmosphere of Yushima as much as possible.

* We will update the directions to Yushima, delicious food, cat spots, and shooting spots.

Cats freely roaming Yushima. In Yushima, cars, motorcycles, and people all avoid cats. The cats are friendly and you can take a walk together. It is only in Yushima that you can take a walk in the harbor with cute cats.

Since there are almost no cars in Yushima, cats use Goron as a favorite place on the street. The compatibility with the sea and sky of Yushima is perfect.

Favorite place in Yushima. There are two cats here called "sea" and "melon". It is a spot where you can enjoy the beautiful sea of ​​cats and Yushima, the pleasant breeze and the sound of waves while resting in the shade.

Currently, Yushima has a baby boom. Many kittens are running around cheerfully. This child seems to have become sleepy after eating a lot of breakfast.



How was that.

When I visited last time, both the cafeteria and the cafe were closed, but it seems that some stores have resumed business from Sunday, June 6. (When I visited on the 21nd, it was closed)

According to the islanders, the cafeteria and cafes will be reopened in July.島の方に確認したところ、7月1日から飲食店も順次営業再開されるとのことです。(7/1追記)


It seems that a fun event will be held in Yushima from that July.

Its name is "Nekoshima Shiegusu (provisional)".

A doujinshi sale event, a cosplay exchange event using the entire island, and a workshop are planned around the port.

It will be held from July 7 (Thurs./holiday) to 23 (Fri./holiday) as well as August, September and November.

For details on how to participate in cosplay, event details, and inquiries, please check the official page (URL below).

Kumamoto DMC Tour Plaza Kamidori also arranges accommodation and transportation.

Please use it if you are participating from afar.



TEL: 096-276-6875 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00)

Mr. Tsukapi also wrote an article about Yushima. Please read this as well.

Lastly, there are many elderly people on the island, so visitors are kindly requested to take precautions to prevent infection.

M. Miyata

M. Miyata Arao citizen. Spent inland China from 2010 to 2018 and returned to Japan. I like three times of rice and cats.

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M. Miyata

M. Miyata Arao citizen. Spent inland China from 2010 to 2018 and returned to Japan. I like three times of rice and cats.

  • 9
  • 1