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[Arao] A must-see for cat lovers! An unknown cat spot in Arao

Hello. My name is Miyata, and I love rice and cats.

This time, we will introduce Miyata's hometown and hidden cat spots in Arao City. (I didn't see any cats around the shrine, so if you want to see them, don't expect too much.)

Arao City is located in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, and is on the prefectural border with Fukuoka Prefecture.

In Arao City, there is the Miike Coal Mine Manda Pit, which was first registered as a World Heritage Site in Kumamoto Prefecture, and the Arao Tidal Flat, which is also the first Ramsar Convention wetland in Kumamoto Prefecture, to be registered. We will introduce Arao tidal flat next time!

This time, we would like to introduce "Cat Daimyojin" that cat lovers all over the country should visit.

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Neko Daimyojin is a 5-minute walk from JR Minamiarao Station. Please see the map below for directions.

Neko Daimyojin is a small shrine in the Nekomiya district of Arao City. The local children are managed and there is no Shinto priest.

The cat lover Miyata's first visit begins here.

I also like the street in Nekomiyamae. Go straight beyond the Nekomiya railroad crossing to the Ariake Sea. You can see the green tunnel of cherry trees over the railroad crossing, and the sea and the blue sky over there. Beautiful flowers were blooming this day.

There are many mysteries in the origin, and it is based around this theory and the theory derived from "Wakayama Tonekohikoohiohi" (also known as "Neko-sama") And there is also the theory that the story of the dog and cat fight of "Senaga Choja-san," who thrived in the trade with Karafune (this episode is a bit sad story for cat lovers...) is related...

Anyway, it is a mysterious shrine with a deep history and mystery.

It was closed when I visited on June 20, but when I visited it earlier, the door of the shrine was open and I could see the body.

In the past, there were only money boxes and signboards with a history, but recently, red stamps, omikuji (with cat's eye stones), key chains, etc. have come to be placed. (Gacha-gacha type. 6/20 was not installed. No red stamp was also installed.)

The red stamp also has a cat illustration. It's great for cat lovers.

Cat-shaped leather key chain. The point is to print "Neko Daimyojin".

And cat lovers can also get irresistible bills. An illustration of a cat is on the envelope containing the bill!

If you like cats, I want to have a festival at home!

This is said to have been made to be distributed to local Ujiko during the "Cat Daimyojin Festival" held on January 10th every year. (Mr. Ujiko) It seems that worshipers are allowed to return to the surplus so that they can go home. Therefore, the number is limited. (I didn't find it on 6/20)

There are shrines about cats all over the country, but it feels like little is known here.

If you like cats, this is the place you want to visit.

By the way, next time I would like to introduce the facilities related to tidal flats, which are located about XNUMX minutes on foot from Nekomiya.

M. Miyata

M. Miyata Arao citizen. Spent inland China from 2010 to 2018 and returned to Japan. I like three times of rice and cats.

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M. Miyata

M. Miyata Arao citizen. Spent inland China from 2010 to 2018 and returned to Japan. I like three times of rice and cats.

  • 9
  • 1