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[Kamiamakusa/Yushima] Introduced by Miyata, who went to Yushima every two weeks "Recommended way to get to Yushima!" (Updated on July 7)

Hello. Miyata checks the weather forecast up to 10 days in advance to see if there are any days when he can go to Nekojima.

Yushima is a cat island in the Ariake Sea. In recent years, it has become more and more popular as it has been taken up by media such as television. It's a paradise for cat lover Miyata! (๑˃̵v˂̵๑)

Recently I visit every two weeks. (I do not visit during the period of going out)

I have been to twice a week (๑˃̵v˂̵๑)

Yushima cats are very friendly♪ They sit on your lap when you sit and on your back when you sleep.

In Yushima as well, all restaurants were closed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Miyata, who likes three-time meals, was sobon because I was looking forward to delicious meals in Yushima (๑´-﹏-q๑)

However, when I visited last month, I heard that some stores will restart operations in July! (⁎˃v˂⁎)

(Please check with each store in advance for the business status of each store.Stores that require a reservationThere is also)

Gourmet food is a pleasure in Yushima. We will introduce the gourmet information of Yushima from the next time.

Yushima with beautiful sea. You can also enjoy swimming in the summer.

Delicious rice for cute cats. And the season when the beautiful sea becomes more attractive...I think the number of trips to Yushima will increase again! (To Yushima)

You who are frustrated that you want to go play! Would you like to be healed by a beautiful sea with a cute cat, enjoy delicious rice and satisfy your body and soul?

So, this time, I will introduce how to get to Yushima! Since it is departing from Kumamoto Station, it is also a recommended route for people coming from outside the prefecture or outside the city by train or bullet train, or from the airport by bus.

This time, I would like to introduce a route that uses Miyata's recommended buses.

Three reasons to recommend a bus!

XNUMX. No worries about parking!

XNUMX. Enjoy the scenery from the window!

XNUMX. You can move to your destination slowly even in a traffic jam!

[Reason XNUMX] Don't worry about whether the parking lot is empty!

Since Yushima is an island, you cannot go directly by car. You will be going to take a boat from Ebito Port. There is a large parking lot at Ehido Port, but the number is limited. On holidays, not only tourists looking for cats, but also many anglers... if unlucky...

"There isn't a good place to stop! Don't worry! (There is no place to stop. What should I do?)"

What? But with a bus, you don't have to worry!

Ehido Port Parking Lot: This was already in place when the first flight on Sunday. It's about XNUMX o'clock...Even though it's a holiday, everyone gets up early.

[Reason XNUMX] Enjoy the scenery from the train window!

When you go by car, someone has to drive. Driving is fun, but it is hard for the driver to enjoy the scenery (๑´-﹏-q๑)

But with a bus, you can leave the driving to a professional driver and slowly concentrate on the scenery from the window. The higher the point of view, the better the view than the car.

When the tide is low, you can see the scenery unique to the Ariake Sea. As the tide changes depending on the way you go and return, you can enjoy going and returning. (Taken when returning to Kumamoto City)

[Reason XNUMX] Even if there is a traffic jam, you can move slowly to your destination.

Amakusa road often has long traffic during consecutive holidays and evenings. If you're on a bus, you can relax in your seat even if there is a traffic jam. Also, although not all models, the "Rapid Amakusa" introduced this time has a toilet and power supply. You don't have to worry about washing your bathroom or running out of battery on your smartphone! (*´v`*)♪

Miyata has encountered traffic jams several times, but he closed his eyes and healed his body after playing a lot in Yushima, watching a video that had accumulated time, and not getting irritated by traffic jams! (I'm grinning at the pictures of the cats I took at Yushima)

If you are coming from a distance and have a train or plane to return to, we recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to travel.

AC100V power supply. There is also a window seat. Miyata shoots a lot of videos in Yushima to recover a worn out smartphone.

That's three reasons to recommend a bus. Now, let's take a look at how to get from Kumamoto station to Yushima.

First of all, from the Kumamoto station (XNUMXnd stop) stop, take the rapid train Amakusa.

There are multiple bus stops in front of Kumamoto Station, so be careful not to go to different platforms.

The map below shows how to get to platform 2.

From Kumamoto Station to the bus stop

Miyata often goes out, but I'm worried that "Is this bus stop?" if I just use the map, so I will attach an image of the bus stop.

Rapid Amakusa Rapid Rapid Amakusa makes 5 round trips a day between "Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal (10th stop)" and "Sanko Garagemae (Amakusa)" in Amakusa City.

If you come to Kumamoto and stay in the center of Kumamoto Castle, we recommend you to board from Kumamoto Sakuramachi Terminal.

Also, from the Fukuoka area (from Ginsui Station)First generation carIf you are coming to Kumamoto station,Uto station squareWe recommend you to get on. Not only is there enough time to transfer, but it's easy to understand because the bus stop is right in front of the station entrance.

The platform in front of Uto station. Lucky when this type of bus comes! Toilet with washbasin, large toilet and power supply.

The fare (adult) is 1,340 yen one way from Kumamoto Station to Sanparu.

The timetable and fares for the Rapid Amakusa-go may change, so please check in advance from the site below when using the service.

Sanko Bus Portal Site Kumamoto⇔Amakusa (Hondo) Rapid Amakusa

The following four flights arrive at the nearest stop before the departure time of the ship.

① Departs at 6:38, ② Departs at 8:8, ③ Departs at 11:8, ④ Departs at 15:38 (all from Kumamoto Station)

I want to occupy the beautiful scenery of the cats! Those whoI recommend ①. (However, if the arrival of the bus is delayed, you may take a quick walk from the stop to the port...)

Mainly for lunch② is recommended for.

Those who want to start slowly and enjoy Yushima③ is recommended.

There is no boat returning from Yushima, so it is for those staying in Yushima.

Miyata, who likes cats, often goes to ①. With this flight, you can take the first boat to Yushima, and tourists arrive on the island in a short time, so you can monopolize the cats! (๑˃̵v˂̵๑) Ah... I didn't want to give this information...

If you come from a distance and enjoy yourself, ① is recommended. If you walk a little faster and move your body, the rice will taste better and you can take a rest on the bus anyway!

Now, when you get on the bus, it is recommended to sit in the row on the right side of the direction of travel.

This is because the sea can be seen on the right side when heading for Amakusa from the direction of Kumamoto.

On the way back, the left side is recommended. On the way back, the bus runs on the sea side, so you can enjoy a different view from the way you go.

Scenery from the car window. The Ariake Sea has a maximum tidal range of up to 9m, and shows various expressions depending on the weather, time of day, and tidal conditions.

Scenery from the car window. The look of the sea changes not only on the day of the event, but also depending on the weather for a few days before. It is recommended that there are few floating items after mild weather.

If you get off on the way, you can take a picture of such a landscape. We will introduce this on another occasion.

About 80 minutes from Kumamoto station, you will arrive at the Sanparu stop, which is the closest to Ehido Port.

Sunpar Bus Station

Sanparu is a roadside station where you can purchase Amakusa's fresh vegetables, fruit trees, marine products, flowers, natural Amakusa whetstones, and other special products and souvenirs.

Walk from Sanparu to Ehido Port. It takes about 20 minutes to walk slowly. Please see the map below for the road from Sanparu to Ehido Port.

By the way, Kamiamakusa is the birthplace of a healthy marathon. Due to this, Miyata sometimes troys to the port when the bus is delayed. (It is a preparatory exercise to keep up with the mobility of cats after landing on the island!)

From Sanparu to Ehido Port

There is also a public toilet (Map A) across the road from the stop.

You will walk on the left side while looking at the sea, but be careful of your car as there are some narrow roads along the way.

A: Public toilet

B: The sea seen from here is also beautiful. There is also a plaza and parking for overnight guests.

Ehido Port has a waiting room, restroom, and parking lot. There is nothing in the harbor that blocks sunlight. In the summer, when waiting is long, you can use the waiting room to overcome the heat.

C: Waiting room. Since it is located at the entrance of Edo door, it also serves as a mark for the entrance to the port.

D: Climbing "Waiting in Yushima" is a sign of the platform. If you take a picture of this and upload it to SNS, you can appeal the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It's like a sign that you went to Yushima.

For a liner crossing YushimaBoard from the bowOrYou Some people try to get on the pier next to the boat, but since the crew can stop it, let's get on from the bow.

There are two boats that cross Yushima (Kikumori Maru and Showa Maru). We operate one ship each day.

Two liners. Kikumori Maru (front) with roof on the deck, Showa Maru (back) without roof *Photo taken at Yushima

By the way, the captain of Kikumori Maru is protecting the family of kittens born this year. He was kind not only to cats, but also to people, and he gave me tea and nutritional drinks just to come take a picture!

About Ehido Port-Yushima Port liner

・Number of flights:XNUMX round trips a day

・Fare (one way):Adults (junior high school students and above) 600 yen, children 300 yen (Free for children under 1 year old/Children under 1 year old and under 6 years old are free for one adult, children from the second child fare)

・Payment timing:Since there are sailors around after leaving the port, I will tell you the number of people and pay. Depending on the number of passengers, it may be at the time of boarding.

Departure times, fares, etc. may change, so please confirm in advance on the Kamiamakusa City page below.

Kamiamakusa City Boat [For Yushima] Timetable

Both ships have a cabin on the first floor and a deck on the second floor. Guest rooms on the first floor are air-conditioned and comfortable. I go up to the deck on the second floor exclusively.

Not only does the deck have a high point of view, but it also has a wide field of view, so you can fully enjoy the sea and islands of Amakusa!

It's also recommended to avoid three-dimensionality! (Please wear a mask even on the deck)

It takes about 30 minutes from Ehido Port to Yushima Port. On holidays, speed and rush to send the angler to the breakwater.

On a windy day, it rides on the waves and sways like an attraction. Let's sit in the seat without standing. On weekdays, since there are few anglers, we often proceed slowly.

Yushima will be visible after a while.

There are two courses from the right and left sides of the breakwater to the port of Yushima. On the left side, the island shape looks like a sea turtle seen from the side, as shown in the image below.

There is a beach in Yushima where sea turtles come to lay eggs, but the island itself is shaped like a sea turtle. It's like a turtle who takes you to Ryugu Castle.

However, it is not the fish but the cats that dance in the Ryugu Castle that this turtle will take (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵๑)

Yushima distant view. An island shape that looks like a sea turtle from the side.

Yushima close view

When the ship enters the port of Yushima, a loud whistle soundsPlease be prepared *P Д ゚) pounding

Many people who come to Yushima for the first time are surprised by the whistle. Ship on the islandOnce inside the breakwater, block your ears

The people of the island are happy when they hear the whistle, saying, "A ship has arrived!" It's an important whistle!

Yushima Port as seen from the liner

When you get off the boat, it is the port area where cats gather! Moe Moe time with cats! (๑˃̵v˂̵๑)

But this time, this is it.

We will introduce cute cats and cat spots next time.

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Otoru Kumamoto Facebook

Next time, I plan to have more images of cats!

Next time we will finally land in Yushima!

It will be next time!


A fun event will be held in Yushima from July!

Its name is "Nekoshima Shiegusu (provisional)".

A doujinshi sale event, a cosplay exchange event using the entire island, and a workshop are planned around the port.

The scheduled dates are from July 7 (Thurs./holiday) to 23 (Fri./holiday)Also scheduled to be held in August, September and November

Due to the spread of new coronavirus in Kumamoto prefecture, the event was canceled after August.

For details on how to participate in cosplay, event details, and inquiries, please check the official page (URL below).

Kumamoto DMC Tour Plaza Kamidori also arranges accommodation and transportation.

Please use it if you are participating from afar.



TEL: 096-276-6875 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00)

M. Miyata

M. Miyata Arao citizen. Spent inland China from 2010 to 2018 and returned to Japan. I like three times of rice and cats.

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M. Miyata

M. Miyata Arao citizen. Spent inland China from 2010 to 2018 and returned to Japan. I like three times of rice and cats.

  • 9
  • 3