The amazing chef who gives the impression with cooking (second part) The real delicacy will not fade forever 【Kumamoto HEROS vol.4】

French bistro in the Kamotoshi area in the center of Kumamoto city, LE BISTRO Toyama.
In the second part, I am going to write a spot to Kumamoto where what is "delicious" and what it is.
The first part is from here.

Cherish what you can do only, and pursue it.
It leads to "delicious".

As an aside ... Actually I was away from Kumamoto, I came back to Kumamoto and visited LE BISTRO Toyama for the first time this year's 1 month. At that time I learned the impression more than "delicious". When I talk with the chef well often, I actually met with Toyama Chef in Tokyo around 10 years ago. So we ate chef's dishes. People who taught me French, French restaurant chef who I liked was a junior's shop who was told by Toyama Chef. Beyond delicious, my "favorite taste" "taste I know" So nostalgic that this is French, there was impression. It was the taste of the origin of French that I knew exactly.

It was 1 moon this year that I first visited the Toyama chef's shop.
At that time I ate chef's dishes and of course I thought "It's delicious!
Among them are "impressed" and "nostalgic". It was my favorite taste, there was something mysterious sensation that it is the taste I know.
Personally I like French, so I went to various shops and had a chance to eat a lot
A strange feeling that I can not taste anywhere.
That touching in myself. It was my first experience of having rice.
I remember my tongue and brain. I thought that cooking can give impression.

Toyama Chef:
As it is also for themselves, I think that the taste of the base in the base is the taste of the people who first taught and the taste I thought was delicious to eat.
The taste I thought was the most delicious. The taste I wanted to eat. The taste I wanted to put out. Remember it and make an effort to give it out.
If it is not the taste my tongue remembers, other things are not accepted. I do not even know the image.

Simply eating something "good," "bad," "fondling," "disgusting" is inside of me,
That is the taste that is the standard.

Toyama Chef:
I think so. It would be nice to have such a dish that I made.
As I am keeping in mind while making cooking,
I take care of what I can only do and pursue it.

Where cuisine is not seen unexpectedly, where it is hard to understand, where it is difficult to communicate
It has tremendously sticking to it, I'm putting my hands on it.

It may be somewhat easier to eat but because it is the world that it is understood for the first time.
Although it may not be asking if it is likely to do so from a general customer.

The delicious food is hidden there, do not you?

At the end, we are supporting Kumamoto's "food" "tourism" etc. at our Kumamoto DMC.
Looking at the Toyama chef, how are you thinking about the ingredients of Kumamoto?

Toyama Chef:
Purely Kumamoto's ingredients are very high in potential.
However, I do not think that it should be avoided by it.
I really like the ingredients so you do not have to do anything.
Whether delicious things are offered by your own arms,
Is it possible to provide delicious things thanks to the goodness of the material?
You must try not to make a mistake, do you?
The ingredients are good, depending on the chef, whether to live or kill.
Because the customer knows that it is delicious to eat as it is.
Local ingredients, foods raised at home, foods bought at supermarkets in the neighborhood.
Because Kumamoto is tasty even with such things. It seems that it is not delicious to eat at home.

Because food and ingredients are good, the arm of those who cook is more tested.
Among them, do you recommend any foods in particular?

Toyama Chef:
Red beef, pigs, chickens, fish and vegetables are generally delicious.
With the efforts of producers and this wonderful natural environment.
It is difficult to say especially from among them.
For example, it is hard to choose even if you are asked which flowers are recommended because there are flowers?
The flowers you give in that situation situation will change, too?
It is true also by the opponent. But every flower you see makes one by one beautiful.

The ingredients are also together.
For example, "Pork" has a lot of water, a little moisture, a strong sweet taste, a strong sweet taste.
There are various types. How uniformly it is hard to say is not it?
However, in the case of foodstuffs, it varies depending on the user's hands.
It will be completely different from the habits and preferences of that creator.

To tell the truth, there is another concept that cherishes, and extremely speaking, I want people outside the prefecture to come to eat more.
People outside the prefecture will visit Kumamoto for this shop to eat this.
It is not a landmark but aiming for that kind of position.
Actually, I also advertised in Fukuoka.
When people outside the prefecture came, eat "Horse sting" "Tooth lotus root" "Taipei Yan".
I think that it is fine on the first day, but I think I will get tired of the second day.
Better still from the people who have come to Kumamoto many times.
"Go to Kumamoto if you go to that shop!" "If Western food is over there!" It would be fun if there were no shops to say so.

And it's with the story just beforeThere are lots of delicious food and good ingredients in Kumamoto.
I want you to eat it and you want me to know.
That's why there is a restaurant and there are chefs.
I think that is my new mission now.

And this time we prepared a special cuisine with the theme of "Kumamoto" in the Toyama chef.
All the ingredients are also of Kumamoto, and the representative local cuisine of Kumamoto "horseskashi" "tossa lotus" "revolving horseji" was reproduced in French style.


□ Red cow in Kumamoto

□ horse sting: It is tailored with horse meat and Suyang rooster

□ Sword of Hipposhi: I swirl round and round marinated with olive oil and salt with raw ham

□ Chopstick Lotus Root: It is tailoring the surimi of lotus root like a croquette. Together with a mustard.

"Delicious" Although it is an easy-to-use word, how do you stick to the process, effort to reach it?
I will pursue without compromise Before that, I thought that the things lying beyond that "emotion" beyond "delicious" were born.
Give impression through cooking. It may be commonplace there, but it will only happen if there are great ingredients and chefs.
Toyama chef who takes care of the ingredients of Kumamoto and is active as a foothold for tourism and reconstruction in Kumamoto. We felt that Kumamoto and DMC had plenty of places to go.

LE BISTRO Toyama (French Bistro LE BISTRO Toyama)
Address:〒860-0845 Kamotoshi-shi Chuo-ku Chuo-ku 3-26 (Temporary Tennomi Shrine approach) Mansion Casa de Piano 1F
电话 番号:096-328-3776
営 业 时间:
Lunch time 12: 00 to 14: 30 (OS 13: 30)
Cafe time 4: 30 to 17: 00 (OS 16: 30)
Dinner time 18: 00 to 22: 00 (OS 21: 00)

Official HP:


Kimidori Born in Kumamoto, raised in Kumamoto. After spending a little in Hokuriku and Kanto, spending about 6 years in Kagoshima and returning home. A year when cholesterol is anxious because I like general play outside. Private Kimonry Fan Club Membership Number 002

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Kimidori Born in Kumamoto, raised in Kumamoto. After spending a little in Hokuriku and Kanto, spending about 6 years in Kagoshima and returning home. A year when cholesterol is anxious because I like general play outside. Private Kimonry Fan Club Membership Number 002

  • 50
  • 13