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Thanks to Amakusa's producers! I will have delicious ingredients for the season! | 2 times | Visiting Kaneko of the Dinner

Hello! The 5 moon has approached the end ne. "Please do not take long holidays again" and Golden Week's memory is whispering Nohara.

Well, "Thank you everyone of Amakusa's producers! Delicious food ingredients in the season!" Series, visiting producers of Amakusa, introducing the efforts of producers and seasonal ingredients, and to deliciously, It is such an article that I am making fun!

In the first round, I visited a fisherman Harada and got delicious seasonal sea urchins, but in the 2nd we will visit Kaneko of a late night farmer and will interview the season's dinner!
(In the previous article, the second was declared as zucchini, but the third became zucchini .... There are no excuse for zucchini fans nationwide)
The first article is here.

Last time fisherman Ms. Harada was also Amiura Amakusa Ariake Town, but Kaneko of the farmer is also Oura. It was the same district if you introduce it by a person other than Mr. Harada's time. Surprise. The Great Sea area is amazing. (Obviously, Harada and Kaneko are acquainted)

The Opo area of ​​Amakusa city Ariake-cho

Last time it was the view of the ocean of Ohoura, but this time the oranges field in the mountains.

First of all ... What is it?

I studied about "lunch."
The word "late Citrus" itself refers to citrus fruits such as Iyokan (late in harvest season).
Kaneko who is interviewed this time, "Night Cita" is "Kawachi Ban Kan (Kawachi Ban Kan)" as a cultivar name.

"Kawachi Yakuchi" is a varieties of Buntan (Za Bong Bontang) family born in a contingent seedling (gutsu ta sho) in Kawachi cho (Kumamoto city) in Kumamoto prefecture as it is founded in its name. Since it was the late citrus found in Kawachi, "Kawachi Yakuchi".
That's its name.
(Kawachi Yanagi is sold under the name of "Misashi citrus fruit" or "Juicy fruit" in the production area brands, and Amakusa stuff sells it under the name "Amakusa Kanaka")

◎ Contingent seedlings (gruhbatsu miso)
The varieties discovered by chance, which have characteristics beyond seed parents from species that naturally fell.

Kawachi Yanagi is flowering from 4 moon and keeping fruit on the trees until the following year's 8 moon and 9 moon, actually it will be over winter, but it is weak against cold, but in open-field cultivation, in winter season It can not grow if it is not a warm area where frost almost falls at a certain temperature or more.
Land suitable for such production is limited, Amakusa Kumamoto Prefecture is one of the limited cultivation suitable land.

Kawachi Tanuki looks like grapefruit, so it is sometimes called "Japanese grapefruit", but it seems like "People who knows the balance of sweetness that is less refreshing than the grapefruit is exquisite than the grapefruit is fruit that you know exquisite" .

(All these have been summarized from information on the Internet!)

Kaneko, a citizen of late afternoon couple [Ayaura area in Amakusa city]

Sadami Kaneko [Born in Showa 25 in the Showa era], Masahiro san [husband: born in Showa 22]

Kaneko is a couple with citrus farmers.
I am playing oranges in the mountains in the Greatra area. Kaneko 's house is a citrus farmer from before World War II and Mr. Masahiro is a citrus farmer, it seems to be 3 generation. (I do not hear much about citrus farmers from before World War II)

In Heisei 15, 16 year, it switched from Sweet Summer Mikankan to Kawachi Rikugaku. Many of the other citrus farmers in the Otoura area switched to Deco Pon, but Kaneko says he chose Kawachi Yanagi.
When asked about the difference with Deco Pong, "The taste of late Citrus, if there is some degree of sugar content, refreshing taste, it can be moisture".

For now, we are shipping orders from individual customers, except that we ship drinks to Fukuoka area etc.
By the way, it is said that the reservation is full of Tanbata in this term.
(Although it seems to be the last urchin, it is hard to get a good one easily!)

We got guide to the oranges field with a light truck for agricultural work.

Mandarin spreads in the mountains.

Tanaka Kawachi was born in a rice field.

It is a characteristic of late uncut butan which flowers bloom while fruit is gone.
From the time I got to the orangic field, the flowers of Kanaku had a very good scent. Bees also flourish and flourish with flower honey and it feels nice.

Let's ask the ladgwitter

When I arrived at the farmland, I asked the two of you trouble and ingenuity in raising Kawachi Yakuchi.
(Like the last time, it is not so cohesive, please enjoy the atmosphere)

- Where is the biggest thing about doing Kawachi Yukari?

"Even though the fruit is coming, new flowers will bloom again, it is like that it is like having two children together, and supplementing only that nutrition, it is about to double the fertilizer," Masahiro . In addition, it seems that Kawachi Yakuchi sometimes tends to fall.

- When is the timing of harvesting?

"Flowers bloom, wait for the leaves to spread and harvest" is the best moisture condition, Mr. Masahiro.
It is possible to harvest from the time the flowers bloom until the summer, but the moisture actually contained differs depending on the time, so before the leaves spread, the moisture is too much, near the end of the harvest near the moisture much It seems that it seems like it seems like it was missing.

--I have heard that if petals bloom pesticide is shaken.

"When the flowers bloom, if you do not use pesticides at that time, there will be sunspots (diseases of the appearance of citrus peel), but when you harvest it is better not to sprinkle agricultural chemicals," Masahiro says. Sadami took over "So, it feels like pesticide".
Surely there are sunspots in Kaiuchi Kanetsuku Harvested by Kaneko. He seems to be sick from a dead branch.
"(The customer) is said to be a beautiful oranges at the beginning, but if the taste changes, that would be fine," Sadami says.
"I'm told that I do not feel well to get to people with gifts, but it is strange and it is said that this is the only thing I can say is really wonderful."
"I do not think you can disinfect after all, thinking to make beautiful," Masahiro says.
Sadami says, "I would like to disinfect now, but since I am harvesting now, I can not, something (every other farmers and customers) has replaced such a mechanism."
Perhaps the tangerine needs of the world are changing more safely and securely than the beautiful appearance.

State of harvest of late Citrus

Well then, I will show you the state of the late crop harvest.

I will search for the evening syrup which has reached the timing of harvest.

Pick up a nice feeling of scallops with scissors.

First of all, the state with branches slightly longer.

When you put it in the basket, cut off the branch cleanly so as not to hurt other fruits.

I am sorry for the out-of-focus photo.

With such feeling we will harvest one after another.

There are about 3 meters high in the tree, so I will use a stepladder.

This blue shoulder bag is excellent.
After collecting oranges in the bag, when it becomes full ...

Colon Colon.
Since the bottom of the bag is missing, you can easily put the lucky bread into a cockpit.
Although I wanted a bit, I heard that it seems to be used so much, except for tangerines, so it is illegal to say "please".

It seems to harvest as much as 1 case on 60 day in the season.

Mikan raised by Kaneko is mainly Kanai Kanai, but he seems to be starting a new varieties since last year.
What I am working on is varieties that I have never heard, such as Hwang Jin-kyu, Rikuro (Reiko), Chandra Pomero.
I still have a challenge!
"It is busy everyday because we want to make a processing place, but also accept acceptance of a private school trip on a school trip," it was impressive that he was being told with a smile.

Tell the taste of lunch!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I tasted it!

Masashi Yasushi peeled at the place where I harvested.

Because I forgot to take a picture on the spot, it's a different shot, but it was juicy!
After all, taking pictures was because the hand caught in the fruit juice (laugh)
There is no bitterness and sourness is weak, but refreshing sweetness and scent are very refreshing.

I will introduce some processed goods using Kanako produced by such Kaneko.

The 1 case is "Mr. Amakusa no Ji". There are various goods made of fruit of late.

Food of Amakusa (Shokuno Amakusa Niji)
Address:4185 Arijimura Amakusa city Kumamoto prefecture
电话 番号:0969-53-0628
営 业 时间:8: 00~17: 00
Closed:Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Official HP:

2 eyes are "Amanusaku liquor" (right picture) from "Amakusa Shuzo".
60% of plenty of fruit juice and flesh of rice bran caught by hands on the Amakusa of the meal is also used.

Amakusa Shuzo (Amakusa Shoto)
Address:11808 Shinwa Town Amakusa City Kumamoto Prefecture
电话 番号:0969-46-2013
営 业 时间:8: 00~17: 00
Closed:Sundays / Public Holidays / New Year's Holiday
Official HP:

Kaneko's Kimakiri has already been sold for this year already, but if you come to WEB mail order or Amakusa, you can get the processed goods, so why do not you try it.

There is also "Amakusa Tanboku Fair" at Amakusa. Please also check here!
(2017 year 4 month 27 day to 5 month 31 day)

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Nohara Born in Chiba Prefecture. It was a residence for a couple years ago when I was a student at the time when I was on a remote island · Goshiura in Amakusa, where there was no edge. My hobbies include shipbuilding, roping, etc. I like fish dishes such as sashimi and "I like to keep eating tasty fish" is a recent feeling.

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Nohara Born in Chiba Prefecture. It was a residence for a couple years ago when I was a student at the time when I was on a remote island · Goshiura in Amakusa, where there was no edge. My hobbies include shipbuilding, roping, etc. I like fish dishes such as sashimi and "I like to keep eating tasty fish" is a recent feeling.

  • 18
  • 12