Gourmet Landscape Sightseeing spot Interview

Let's raise the luck of the summer! I want to go to South Aso power spot & recommend gourmet!

Nice to meet you! My name is Xoshita. It is my first contribution to "Oru to Kumamoto", thank you very much.

Well, born in Kagoshima, I will teach you the place to go mainly about the power spot of Minami-Aso that I'd like to recommend as much as I love Aso in wedding ceremonies in Minami-Aso.
Why do not you go out on a trip to South Aso that's cool and cool this summer! What?

"What do you wish for? Let's visit the strongest power spot!"

Power Spot ① Baotou Hakurei Shrine (Hogi Ho Jinja)
Go through the Karasuma city from the Boso Tunnel, the first power spot is here "Baroku Hakurei Shrine". It is the most powerful spot that worshipers do not ever seek out interest from the whole country in a rare shrine that is shadowed as "thank you" like the godly bodies. It is very worrisome to say that lottery lottery winners are continuing from among worshipers.
On Sundays and public holidays, a prayer festival by Ms. Miyashi is held several times a day, and anyone can participate. There is no hand that does not go! !

If you visit a red company, you will be able to have a good luck performance.

Mr. Ozumi Rock of God

<Beginning of Baba Hakurei Shrine>
In the spring of Heisei 16, the driver of the heavy equipment that was restructured was doing the construction work of this land and hit a big rock. The driver tried to break down the rock, but suddenly the heavy machinery has stopped moving. I repaired and tried to destroy it again, but the cause of failure again is unknown.
That night, in the dream a rock came out and said, "Why are you going to break me?" When the driver answers "I need money for my life," the rock said, "Then buy a lottery. And did you dig up me with a part of the money you won? The driver bought a lottery with a half-truth suspicion and the forehead was elected so much that he did not have to worry about daily life so he dug a rock.
A friend heard the story worshiped this rock and bought a lottery where a tremendous amount hit. That rumor has spread, and now we have called this rock "a pebble rock" without anyone, so people who ask for it come to visit. Afterwards, through the donation of the winners, we built the area as a treasure-based treasure shrine.

Houbou Hakurei Shrine
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamiaso Village Kawai 2909-2
Phone: 0956-56-2311

"Cool in Takamori"

Shirakawa water source · Takamori spring spring tunnel
Next, I will introduce the Shirakawa water source among the water sources that are supposed to be about 11 places in Minami Aso. It was also chosen as one of the famous water selections, 60 ton a minute! (I can not imagine how many things!) In the Shirakawa water source boasting the quantity of water you can not help feeling "majestic Aso!" And its majesty.
And if you come this far, let's go to "Takamori spring spring tunnel". This is the tunnel of about 2 kilometers which was made by obtaining a large amount of spring water from the tunnel construction of the former JNR. Inside the tunnel is hinyari even in the summer. It may be an indispensable place for the child's family. When you go all the way, it's there ... what you will enjoy afterwards.

It is cool whenever you come. Where is the heat when you put your feet on. As expected, "Kumamoto in the water".

Shirakawa water source
Address: Minamiaso Village Shirakawa
Opening hours: 8: 00 to 17: 00
Price: 100 yen for high school students

Takamori spring spring tunnel park
Address: Takamori Town, Aso County 1034-2
Phone: 0956-56-2311
Price: Adult 300 yen dwarf 100 yen

"When you come to Takamori, do the afternoon here!"

Takamori Tadakura
Well, if you are hungry at Takamori please enjoy "Takara". In Takamori there are several rice clubs, but this time we will introduce "Takamori Tadakura Village". But why did Takara take root in Takamori? ,,, I interviewed President Goto Iwao a few.

If you paint and stick to Takara miso of commitment and bake it, a fragrant fragrance will gather instantly! (The forefather is a dumpling potato, it can also be seen in the crane's mouth)

Why did Takara take root in Takamori in the first place?

Mr. Goto:
In this Takamori Town Tamimi (Shikimi), Kamigami district, "Tsuru no Ota potato" has been produced as a special product.
This potato is a sweet potato with its own improvement so that it can be harvested even in the less humid volcanic ash. Even though the origin of the name is similar to a crane's mouth, it is said that the sweet potatoes from the sweet potatoes are elongated like vines and even if they grow on a different land like this It will not be.
It is said that preserved boiled potatoes are preserved in miso to preserve boiled potatoes, it is stuffed with a skewer and baked and eaten it is the beginning.
In the past Takamori Takara was only the skewer of a vine of a vine, but the type has increased to enter the hospitality to entertain customers. The origin of Takamori Tadakura is said to be this large-scale Tamiki district because this potato production can only be done in this area.

I see! I did not know that there was such a roots. Anyway, Tagaku is delicious, is not it? By the way, what is Gotoh's commitment to Takara?

Mr. Goto:
We are offering simple without touching as much as possible to convey the food culture of Takamori Town as it is to the posterity as much as possible. It is made up of ingredients and Tadakura Miso, but this Tagaku Miso has its own way of communicating independently in each family and is being carefully protected. Because I think that I am a kind of medicine dish, not only do you satisfy with eating using sansho, sesame seeds, citrus powder etc in inside of Takara miso, but also stick to make your miso so healthy I am putting out.

Do you have a connection with the producer and a message to the customer?

Mr. Goto:
Production farmers of vine porpoise decreased, but if you wish, we will bring you to the production farmers at the time of harvest (Please contact us in advance as there are circumstances of farmers). And please enjoy the simple local cuisine "Takamori Tadakura" at this hearthside end slowly, with one of Aso Goryakaki, Negi-dake background.

By the way, have you seen anything on "Oru and Kumamoto" ...?

Mr. Goto:
We serve a soft drink for one set meal!

Mr. Goto, thank you!

President Iwao Goto and mother

Address: Kamamoto Prefecture Aso County Takamori Town Kamiami 814-2
Business hours: 10: 00 to 18: 00 (reservation required after 17)
Store holiday: Non-regular holiday
Benefits: I saw "Oru and Kumamoto"! One set of soft drinks per set meal!

"The giant pit is worth a visit!"

Power Spot ➁ Kamiomi Kumanoja Shrine (Shinkansen with a Bear Bear)
Well, when my stomach is full, the next thing I want to go on here is "Uemami Kumanoja Shrine". It is a power spot where worshipers are increasing in recent years from its majestic atmosphere, worshiped by Ikinagi Life (Izanagi Noboribetsu), Ikinami Life (Izanami No Mikoto). Although it is said that there are interests of "pass / win", "marriage", "business prosperity", it is said that the total guardian of Nango is said to be a Democratic Warrior and it is said to be a border rock The wind hole is a must-see.

I will climb the stairs of a majestic atmosphere about 15 minutes from Torii.

When you climb further 10 minutes from the main shrine, there is a surprising big wind hole. A cool wind blew through the hole from the other side.

Kamonomi Kamonosato Shrine
Address: Kamiami Takamori Town, Aso County 2619
Phone: 0967-62-1111 (Takamori-machi Policy Promotion Division)

"I feel life from the trees that are older than 400 years"

Power Spot ③ Takamori's Cedar (Tamamori Den)
Let's see this big tree on our way to Yoshimi shrine in Kusabe Oku.
It is about 10 minutes to stop the car in the private parking lot and walk towards the growing cedar forest. At first glance, I do not know from outside the cedar forest, but the moment I enter that bosom, I lose the words. More than a tree age 400 years, there seems to be many people who give marriage power from both trees dignified like couple couple.

It is wrapped in dignified air and I feel amazing life force.

Takamori's cedar
Address: Takamori Town, Aso County 3341-1
Phone: 0967-62-1111 (Takamori-machi Policy Promotion Division)

"Superb view cafe"

Well, even with Aso, I am a little tired in the hot weather. On the way to the last power spot to introduce this time, I am seeing "Umami" of the superb view cafe. While being blown by a cool wind, you will be healed by a cold drink in front of you ... Salt-grilling of the mountain woman (Yamame) who grew up near the clear stream was also excellent.
I instantly stopped by on the signboard "There was a superb terrace seat."

The terrace seating is well ventilated and the smell of green is refreshing.

Superb view + watering ice coffee = luxurious time

Address: Kusabe Takamori-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 9352
Phone: 0956-56-2311
Opening hours: 9: 00 to 18: 00
Store holiday: only on New Year's Day

"Japan 3 descent palace"

Power Spot ④ Kusabe Yoshimi Shrine
The last of the power spot "Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine" is a KenIwao Ryuinochi (bamboo Iwata Tsu Mikoto), such as the venerable shrine to cultivate Aso worshiping Junijin.
By the way, did you know that this shrine is one of "Japan's Three Drop Shrines"? The other two "Udo Jingu (Miyazaki Prefecture Nichinan)", is a "transmural before Jinja (Gunma Tomioka)", is the extremely rare shrine that there is a main shrine earlier that down the stairs.

Kusabe Yoshimi Shrine
Address: Kusabe Takamori-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 2175
Phone: 0956-56-2311

"Enjoy the starry sky of South Aso"

Auberge "Atelier in the Forest" South Aso Luna Observatory
Today's last is from Auberge 'Atelier of the Forest' South Aso Luna Observatory. In fact, here in Southern Aso is the best place to see the starry sky, this and Luna Observatory will be able to carry out the starry sky observed in the Kyushu giant telescope while private. Of course it is OK even if you make a reservation. In addition to this, you can enjoy the charm of the stars from various angles such as 'Star Hikihara' where you can sleep in a free rental bed and watch the full starry sky. Because our facility is an auberge, meals are excellent too! It is also ◎ to enjoy South Aso slowly by staying.
As an auberge, French sticking to local ingredients is a pushy pension. The wonderful garden has wooden swings and tree houses and children are delighted.

Kyushu's first astronomical telescope. The telescope itself is also impressive.

"Hoshimigahara (Hoshimigahara)" 2017 early summer opening ✨. "I want to look at the sky full of stars until my heart's content" ... I will make such a dream come true. . Freely, safely, forever place to also look at the starry sky "HoshimikeHara (Hoshimigahara)" over 2017 year early summer, open decision !! in south Aso Luna Observatory. ※ We will not report the exact opening date later. . # HoshimikeHara #Hoshimigahara # Hoshikei photo #astrophotography # Milky Way #milkyway starry sky # astronomical observations of # sky that you want # under the stars Nesoberi under the starry sky # # # Observatory starry sky walk # Kumamoto # Minami Aso # Aso # Minami Aso Luna Observatory # Minami Aso Luna Observatory Auberge Mori Atelier # forest of Atelier # star concierge #kumamoto #minamiaso #lunaobservatory #morinoatorie #asosan # Minami Aso force #minamiasochikara # star concierge

【Official】 Atelier of the Forest Posts shared by _ Luna observatory (@ morinoatorie) -

Auberge "Atelier in the Forest" South Aso Luna Observatory
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamiaso Village Shirakawa 1810
Phone: 0956-56-2311

This time up to this point, but the information I did not know was taught to the staff of the Higo Bank Takamori Branch! Thank you very much!
Let's have a wonderful memories of summer in Minami Aso!

Otto and Kumamoto editorial department

Otto and Kumamoto editorial department I want to PR for food and sightseeing in Kumamoto! Otto and the Kumamoto editorial department are looking for various things and quotes at various places in the prefecture every day to discover the new charm of Kumamoto.

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Otto and Kumamoto editorial department

Otto and Kumamoto editorial department I want to PR for food and sightseeing in Kumamoto! Otto and the Kumamoto editorial department are looking for various things and quotes at various places in the prefecture every day to discover the new charm of Kumamoto.

  • 34
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