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【Family Must See】 Listen to a housewife living in Aso. Recommended 0 yen spot 7 selection recommended for family trips in the direction of Aso.

Hello with Tin Nago that won the festival. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Everyone, are you ready for the summer outing? I am still.

Speaking of summer is a family trip, speaking of family trip summer! So this time, I live in Aso I will introduce a spot recommended for traveling with children I am listening to a housewife living in Aso in 3 year.

It would be greatly appreciated if you are planning to travel to Aso, those who will consider traveling from now on.

This person who heard the story (taught the spot) is this one!

Kazumi Wada (Hitomi Wada)
An 33-year-old housewife born in Aso, grew up in Aso. Utilizing the experience of work at the inn and travel information magazine, founded the company "Tsutomu Tenta" aiming to properly communicate the charm of the region from 2017 moon 8 year, to hang out the tourist spots of Aso There. Since I am drunk, I still have no work. So, I'm still a housewife. Won an excellent prize at Odekake Plant Submission Site Holiday "Odekake Plans Contest ~ Aso ~". My favorite food is meat.

Aso has plenty of playing spots for admission fee 0 yen!

Mr. Wada:
The scenery is wonderful, hot springs are comfortable and there are lots of delicious Aso, but children tend to get bored. Adding children and animals will be a fun trip by moving the body for a moment or by touching animals on the trip. There are many spots where children can play, but this time I can enjoy even a little time,0 circle spotI will introduce you in the cut

That ①: あ ☆ ☆ Viva
Address: Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture Inner Maki 261-1
Phone number: 0967-32-5011 (management office)

Popular with children! It is ☆ ☆ Viva. # Kumamoto # Aso # family

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It is a park in Aso city lamaki where access is good from both the small country side and the South Aso side. There are plenty of large-sized toy equipment, so if you are a child of 2 years old ~ 6 years old you can play for hours.

A big slide is also fun, but in the summer a shallow pool will also appear, so it is also recommended to take a bathing suit or something else. Entrance and parking lot are free ♪

Aso ☆ Recommended spot for families near Viva
SNOOP (Aso city, Kumamoto prefecture, 235 inland)

It is a cute kids clothing and miscellaneous goods store ♪ Since all clothes we handle are all single size items, I'm also happy that few people wear it. In addition, there are also adult clothes so that you can also make a parent and child's parental link cord, so please stop by all means (^ ^)

Dairy candy store Tyrolin village (Aso city, Kumamoto prefecture Nakamaki 253-1)

Adults raise the tension more than children for the variety of cakes and confectionary shops! Since there is a distance of 3 minutes from "Azuma Viva", please take a snack ♪

②: Kujuu Observation Park
Address: Akasagi Kumamoto Prefecture Minamioguni-machi Akababa 4275
Phone: 0967-42-0463

It is an observation park along the national road 212 which goes from Aso to Minami Oguni-machi. It takes 200 yen to enter the park, but you can enjoy a magnificent swing.

There are also ostriches.

Click here for free! There are goats and ponies in the parking lot of the parking lot. It is free to climb the observatory, so it is also recommended that you feed a goat that you sell on 100 yen and wish for a magnificent view.

By the way, the scenery from the observation park is like this.

# Aso # Overhead # Kuju # Kuma # Touring # Fresh green

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Recommendation spot near the observation park is here.
AMPURU MIN and Herb Farm (312 Minshi Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture)

In the farmer 's directly operated restaurant "Wind River", the wife deliciously cooks rice and vegetables made from organic pesticides with delicious cuisine. Snowman lunch for children is too cute and children are delighted. I used the word cute for the first time, living 33 years. (Snowman Lunch 900 Yen)

And at AMPUMP and herb plantation, blueberry hunting is also underway during the period from 7 moon to 9 moon.

③: Ubayama ranch
Address: 2100-3 Yosuke Arizan village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-25-2900

In the grounds of the lawn, there are play equipment such as slide and jungle gym, interaction section with animals, shops and cafeterias, ♪ enjoy even if you go handbags ♪

Goats and rabbit foods are sold at 100 yen. It is very energetic so it will be chased by the goat, but there is no doubt that it will be a nice memory!

Milking experience is 400 yen (with milk 1 cup). I'm thrilled with milk from boobs' boobs.

Approximately 20 minute slowly ride the tractor and go round the ranch! (300 yen). I am also happy that it is free for 2 and under (^ ^)

Osusuma spot near Ubayama ranch
Oku Aso no Yamanami Yamanami (Atsu-gun Ayasugi Kumamoto village Tajiri 254-3)

If you sweat a lot and play here! Ph9.8 's sprinkling hot springs will make your skin become sparse. There is also an 3 room for private baths! Accommodation reservations are still being accepted by Kumamoto and Kumamoto.

Sansuitei (Ayosu-gun, Sakuyama village Kumamoto Tajiri 77-2, Kumamoto prefecture)
I love everyone! Omuraise is excellent! Besides that, there are also red beef chashike!

>>> There is still a free family spot to follow.

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Morinaga Born in Kumamoto and raised in Kumamoto. While living in the prefecture, I live in Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun now. My favorite food is cabbage and cucumber. If you get drunk, you have a habit of cutting your hair yourself.

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Morinaga Born in Kumamoto and raised in Kumamoto. While living in the prefecture, I live in Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun now. My favorite food is cabbage and cucumber. If you get drunk, you have a habit of cutting your hair yourself.

  • 83
  • 68