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Guided cycling around Minami Aso, superb view panorama and water source

Aso Kuju National Park (Asokujukokuritsukouen)
Address:Kumamoto Prefecture, Oita Prefecture
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Why do not you go for a walk around the water source by bicycle?
An exhilarating ◎ activity that runs through the countryside on an assisted bicycle while enjoying the panoramic view of the caldera.

Your guide will guide you through a secret path known only to the locals and travel around the water source of Minami Aso.

The slope is easy with a bicycle with electric assist ♪
OK even if you are not confident in your physical strength! An activity that anyone can enjoy.

Feel the panoramic view of Minami Aso with your body ♪
A secret route known only by local guides, such as rice field roads and small alleys where cars do not pass. You can meet the photogenic scenery of Minami Aso!

\ Recommend guide /
While traveling in the countryside with few car streets, you will stop at water sources and historic sites, and talk about the blessings and myths created by the volcano, the life of Aso.
Water sources have different histories, and their tastes are different due to geological differences.
It is interesting to compare drinks while thinking about the history and myths of Aso.
It is recommended that you bring a plastic bottle or water bottle with you to take home with you.

Why do not you spend a pleasant time wrapped in the nature of Aso?

<Course> 10: 00-13: 00/14: 00-17: 00
<Timing> Full year
<Participation fee> 4500 yen (including rental bike fee, insurance fee, water bottle fee)
<Target> Junior high school students and older (people who can ride bicycles for adults)
<Rental bicycle> Assisted road bike or assisted mamachari
<Moving distance> About 14 km, Altitude difference about 80 m
<Visiting places> Shirakawa water source and others are selected according to the season, weather and participants

The meeting place is a tourist information center in the roadside station "Asoho no Sato Kugino".

Join the guide and receive simple guidance such as notes.

Finally set out on a water trip!

We go to the water source through the rice field road, which only local guides know.

This is "Terasaka Suigen" Locals still visit to wash vegetables and hot pots.

While traveling in the refreshing wind, go on an electric bike in the countryside.

"Pond river water source" There is a stone called helmet stone in the water, and it seems that this stone has long been used to measure the amount of spring water to cultivate crops and crops that year.

The goal is "Michinoeki Asobo no Sato Kugino" It ends with comfortable fatigue.

* The route will be selected by the guide according to your wishes, season, weather, and participants.
* There is also a one-day course that includes lunch, and a course that goes to Kannon-zakura and one-way Ozakura. Please contact us.


Event Dates 2020 year 02 month 28 day to 2020 year 02 month 28 day
Venue Roadside station “Asobo no Sato Kugino” Minami-Aso Tourist Information Center
Price (tax included) 4,500
Included in price Bicycle rental, guide fee, insurance, helmet / glove rental, luggage storage
Contact Us 0967-67-2222 (Minami Aso Tourist Information Center)
Required Time About 3 hours
Target age 15 years old ~ 70 years old
Minimum number of people 2
Maximum number of people to be accepted (recruitment personnel) 8
The meeting place Roadside station “Asobo no Sato Kugino” Minami-Aso Tourist Information Center
Aggregate time (schedule) Start at 10:00 (set at 9:45) / end at 13:00
Start at 14:00 (set at 13:45) / end at 17:00
Parking Lot 150 stand
Response in case of rain Improper
Reservation want
Reservation deadline 2 days ago 12: Up to 00
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