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[Kamimashiro/Mashiro] Hidden spot of Mashiki⁉ Iidayama Jorakuji Temple!

Hello! This time, I would like to introduce you to the spots in Mashiki Town, which is also my hometown. I also ran to Iidayama Jorakuji and Iidayama summits for marathon practice! [Here is the highlight! ] ・Even beginners can climb […]

[Travel on a motorcycle! ] Kumamoto Reconstruction Project! 【Gang of straw】

Hello! I love Kimi manga. By the way, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a national manga (© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha). A project to support recovery from the Kumamoto earthquake is currently underway! ! Details of the project ⇒ Kumamoto […]

A one-day special tour where you can interact with locals at Yamatocho Yamato-Cho! !

Everyone is Hello (^^ ♪ guidance of special tours of foreign customers limited. Gods power spot "Nusaritsu Jingu" worship and Japan of the original landscape remains to gather in the "Yamato-cho YAMATO-Cho" interact with the local people One-day special tour [...]

“Chill out with Jibier and Bonfire, a gathering of solo campers” held! !

Loving camp Hello, everyone! ! In Kosa Town, we will be holding a “Chillout and Solo Camper Gathering with Jibier and Bonfire” for 11 days from 23 Monday (Saturday) to 24 Sunday (Sunday)! ! Participants include “bonfire / outdoor classroom” and “[…]

The best feast is vegetables Organic village Yamatocho Sake Brewery Marche! !

The best feasts are “vegetables”, “sake” and “clear air of Yamato-cho”! ! Information on “Sake Brewery Marche” to be held in Organic Village, Yamatocho! Hello everyone (^^ ♪ harvest of autumn, but will be held harvest festivals and Marche in various fields anymore [...]

[Introduction of the limited-time tour that accompanies the Rugby World Cup] Experience the countryside of Japan at ❝Yamato-cho❞!

“Autumn tour of YAMATO-Cho” It is a guide for a special monitor tour for rugby world cup bearers! Why do not you experience traditional culture (Bunraku) experience and leisurely satoyama living in the mountain city? Auditory, tactile, visual, taste […]

Recruitment of "SUP monitor" in Kosa-cho! !

“SUP monitor recruitment” The first-class river “Midorikawa” flows through Kosa-cho, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture. We will hold a SUP experience event that can be enjoyed by parents and children. Nature-rich Kosa-cho, surrounded by rivers and mountains, 30 minutes from Kumamoto city.

2018 Year of Golden Week day and congestion prediction. I tried collecting events & recommendation spots (← updating to plain)

Hello. I'm sorry for my swollen face and strange bangs. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. The spring vacation is over and the Golden week is coming soon! Are you planning to go out? What? This time, it is relatively comfortable when you go out from the line of sun [...]

Just right country house Kumamasakimashi 【just right gourmet ③】 Introduction of the plan to enjoy Kamamoto prefecture Samsung castle one day deliciously!

Kamamoto prefecture shrine full of delicious shops. We will introduce plans that you can enjoy delicious goods of Ueshiro for a whole day! First of all I want to visit. Junzo Sakeza! 1770 [...]

Just right country hall Kumimashiki 【just right history · learning ③】 Introduce a one-day plan that can fully enjoy the history of Kamimoto Prefecture Samcheon!

There are lots of spots where you can learn to play and learn about adults and children getting caught up in the Shimonakei! We will introduce a plan that you can learn about era background and history fun one day! After all it is here you can not remove! Mifune-cho dinosaur museum! Kyushu's largest scale collected from all over the world [...]

Just right country hall Kumimashiki 【just right nature · experience ③】 Introduce a plan that can fully enjoy nature in Kamimoto Castle!

Kamamoto Prefecture Samsung castle surrounded by plenty of nature. We will introduce a plan that you can fully enjoy your day without compromising its charm! First of all, I want to go whenever I come to Shishijo, Kumamoto Prefecture general shooting range. In Japan where gun control is tough, valuable shooting experience can be done! [...]

Just right country hall Kumimashiki 【just right nature · experience ②】 Introduce the waterside and the park where the fantastic sight spreads!

It is the 2 bullet that introduces abundant nature · experience spot of Shimonosei Castle where various fun ways can be made such as a waterside and a valley spreading a fantastic sight to the vast plateau, a park in which the seasonal flowers are blooming, an observation deck viewing the full star, etc. ! 【Beautiful and fantastic! In the place of relaxation of the local residents [...]