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少しずつ客足が戻りつつあった温泉街、熊本が誇る観光地「人吉」が今回の熊本県南部豪雨により大きな被害を受けました。全国から心配や支援のお声が上がっています。 何かしら力になりたい、今自分にできることは何だろうか。支援の形は […]

[Whole Kumamoto Prefecture] "Kuma Motto Stay More" campaign starts on July 7! !!

To support the recovery of the prefecture's economy, which was severely damaged by the new coronavirus, Kumamoto Prefecture will carry out an accommodation subsidy campaign for residents of the prefecture! Please take this opportunity to rediscover the charm of the hometown Kumamoto by staying at an accommodation facility in the prefecture […]

Start in July! Kumamoto Prefecture North Accommodation Grant Summary [Arao/Kikuchi/Yamaga]

Hello! Mizukichi is always extending his antenna to local government campaigns. Arao and Kikuchi, located in the northern part of Kumamoto, will start a new accommodation grant in July! In addition, the "GoTo Yamaga Campaign," which started in June, has also been extended in duration […]

[Kyushu residents only] Aso City Summer Accommodation Discount Campaign! (7/1-8/31)

Sorry I made you wait! At last, everyone's favorite "Aso" will start the campaign! Accommodation subsidies for [Kumamoto citizens only] have appeared one after another throughout the prefecture, but Aso City will extend the scope to [Kyushu residents only] and offer accommodation discounts! [In the campaign […]

[Continued Kamiamakusa] Experience the summer sea with Amakusa Gohashi Cruising! !!

In order to know more about "Amakusa Gotsubashi", we will introduce an easy cruise of about 30 minutes where you can feel the sea of ​​Amakusa. !! I got on "Amakusa Gohashi Cruising" sponsored by Sea Cruise! Click here for Mr. Tsukapi's article → [Kami Amakusa]

[Yamato Town] Let's support the most organic town in Japan, Yamato Town! !!

Crowdfunding started in Yamatocho on the 19th. I want to keep Yamato-cho, the best organic town in Japan, alive! It is a joint project of producers, processing companies and restaurants. […]

[Ruins of Kumamoto/Taishoji Temple] I went to a hot topic in that NHK Taiga drama!

Hello! Watching the rainy season, Tsukapi is practicing marathon practice. This time I ran for "coolness" to the remains of Taishoji Temple in Tachida Nature Park! Although it is hot and humid during the rainy season, the park feels quite cool. You can recover your physical strength […]

Special feature of shops where you can feel like traveling abroad while staying in Kumamoto! !!

When I was depressed because I couldn't go abroad for a while, I suddenly came up with it. "Isn't it good if I can feel the feeling of being abroad with food?" I tried it at lunch immediately! First of all, let's take a look at the super popular store of Kogobukuro, which has its main store in Taipei. Crane […]

[Food Report] I went to "Nu Sushi" in Amakusa, which is famous as one of Japan's three biggest sushi!

Mizukichi loves sushi over seafood bowls. A self-restraining life that lasted XNUMX-XNUMX months. The only good thing was that I could save money without spending too much money. However! Sometimes I can't do my best in my daily work unless I reward myself! So, jump in Amakusa […]

[To all citizens] Helping Kumamoto tourism! Kumamoto City Premium Accommodation Coupon (until 7/31)

From June 6th (Monday) next week, "Kumamoto City Premium Accommodation Coupons" that Kumamoto citizens can use at accommodations in the city will start selling! (All citizens are eligible!) The period of use is from June 15 (Fri) to July 6 (Fri) for accommodation! ht […]

[Experience report] Hot summer! Why don't you take a break at "Shirosaien" where you can enjoy Kumamoto's food?

Although it is still June, Kumamoto's summer is very hot. It's really hot to walk with a mask in the hot sun! I think that I want to take a break somewhere and eat cold food. In such a case, why don't you take a break at Josaien? First, "heaven [...]

Kumamoto Prefecture EC site "KUMAMOTO 24"

Kumamoto DMC Co., Ltd. operates KUMAMOTO 24, an online shop (EC site) to promote the products of Kumamoto Prefecture, and to let everyone in the country know about attractive prefecture products. The following ads to KUMAMOTO24 […]