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[Whole Kumamoto Prefecture] "Kuma Motto Stay More" campaign starts on July 7! !!

To support the recovery of the prefecture's economy, which was severely damaged by the new coronavirus, Kumamoto Prefecture will carry out an accommodation subsidy campaign for residents of the prefecture! Please take this opportunity to rediscover the charm of the hometown Kumamoto by staying at an accommodation facility in the prefecture […]

[Experience report] I participated in the Aso Kuju cycle tour! (Early summer)

Sunny Aso. I participated in the Aso Kuju cycle tour sponsored by Trim Company! It was closed until the end of May, but it will be restarted from June, so I would like to write a hands-on report that everyone will want to visit! [Official HP of Trim Company] […]

Recommended for Aso camping touring! Recommended campsite! Guesthouse!

Hello smaller in the distance. The weather was so good that I took a picture of the mountain, Kimidori. I know that Aso is very popular with people who like motorcycles, but recently ... See this post on Instagram […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.5] Minamiogunicho Hanagou

Hello 1 people from lovers of the hill (Hiranodai plateau view place). This is Kimidori. The panoramic view overlooking the Aso mountains from this observatory that entered from Kurokawa Onsen is amazing! ! On this weekday, a Dutch couple and a solo traveler from Taiwan […]

Image of Aso touring! Introducing a video that makes you want to run through the great nature of Aso!

Hello from Aso superb view. This is Kimidori. This is the Ogidake observatory on the eastern edge of Aso City. Aso is the best to run on a motorcycle! How good is that? Is it really worth coming to Aso using long time and physical strength? Neighborhood […]

How about cycling in the vast nature of Aso?

Introducing “Trim Company” in Aso Nosemoto Rest House (formerly Sanai Rest House). From full-fledged sports bikes to electric assist bikes and kids cycles, you can enjoy cycling regardless of age. […]

BNK48 also came! Photogenic place in Aso area 19 selection.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Everyone, do you know BNK48? BNK48 (BNK Forty Eight) is a female idol group based in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the AKB48 group. 20 [...]

Excellent viewing "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San Love" was held!

We held "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae" on 11 Moon 10 day in Kumamoto Prefecture Minamioguni - cho, which has "Kurokawa Onsenkyo" which is one of the most popular hot springs nationwide, and "Nabeka - taki" which became the stage of CM. ※ Event details of "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae" is here This time, prefecture [...]

Updated from time to time | Seven dining halls of Aso that Aso regional residents love!

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Everyone, what kind of things do you want to eat on your journey? Although I think that there are various opinions such as local specialties and things to be photographed, it is quite high [something that local people in the area are eating]

Autumn leaves, sea of ​​clouds, Susuki, cosmos, starry sky .... We introduce the spot where autumn will stop by the best season of Aso.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. The morning and evening became cool, it is totally autumn. I love this season, and recently I am happy to have a bonfire outside while drinking tea on autumn evening. Well, in such autumn, the Aso area will have the best season. [...]

11 Moon determined from 1 day! Kumamoto Prefecture Kita × zekkei "# zekkei Kumamoto Prefecture North" Introduction of 2018 Photo Contest.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Does everyone like to take pictures? I did not like it especially, but since I emigrated to Minamioguni-machi before 4 years ago, the scenery was so wonderful that I wanted to tell someone somehow! Like to take pictures and think so [...]

11 Month 10 day held! Introducing the holding of "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae"!

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. This time, I believe that "Aso Region Recovery Fair" will be held in Minamioguni-machi where I live, so that we can introduce. The venue is around here. At the boundary between Oita prefecture and Kumamoto prefecture, at the book highland of Setose [...]