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Shining white wall and Shiranui Sea! I participated in the newly-initiated Matsui Fureai trip!

Do you have a memorable hometown landscape? The scene when I discovered Miki Prune that my grandmother had stored in the warehouse for about 20 years (left?) Is most clearly remembered. Hello, this is yellow-green. I threw it away. […]

[Introduction of limited-time tour accompanying the Rugby World Cup] ❝ Autumn hospitality tour ❞

“Autumn tour of UKI / UTO / MISATO” Information on a great monitor tour for rugby world cup bearers! Uki, Utsu and Misato are located in central Kumamoto Prefecture. Experience activities in the majestic nature […]

Let's go to the pyramid of the sea! It starts in Uki-shi Triangle town! [Ukimobi]! Segway and cute little mic mobility experience!

Hello. Segway, will not you get on? # Picnic # active # healed # holiday # holiday # travel # tookyo # genic_travel # akti department # challenge # a [...]

2018 Year of Golden Week day and congestion prediction. I tried collecting events & recommendation spots (← updating to plain)

Hello. I'm sorry for my swollen face and strange bangs. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. The spring vacation is over and the Golden week is coming soon! Are you planning to go out? What? This time, it is relatively comfortable when you go out from the line of sun [...]

Toward holding 2019 year 's Rugby World Cup · Women' s Handball World Championship. I've been listening to people who support the tournament.

Hello. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Recently, I heard many international sports festivals. Although it is also hosting the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, in Kumamoto in the 2019 year two rugby world cup and women's handball world championship two world competitions [...]

I love everyone! Recommended local soft ice cream 8 selection

How is everyone going by this season when the season moves from late summer to early autumn? I also like to eat chrysanthemum ice cold in the hot summer, but also relaxing the heat, feeling the autumn This season, a soft cream with plenty of rich milk taste and fruit asexually [...]

Full of unknown charm! Uto Peninsula Gurutto Recommend a day trip.

Hello from Triangle West Port of World Cultural Heritage. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Suddenly, everyone, do you know Uo Peninsula? Udo Peninsula is a peninsula in central Kumamoto prefecture. The Ariake Sea in the northern part of the peninsula and the Yatsushiro Sea in the south divide the sea. In addition, Triangular Shinose [...]

Along National Route 3. Recommendation of "fresh home roasted coffee" to taste at a well-established coffee house that lasts 38 years.

Hello from the triangular harbor. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Recently, I am paying attention to Uki · Udo Area personally. The national highway 3 line passes or always passes when going to Amakusa. It is a region that can be said to be the "essential" of transportation. But I lived in Kumamoto for a long time [...]