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[Whole Kumamoto Prefecture] "Kuma Motto Stay More" campaign starts on July 7! !!

To support the recovery of the prefecture's economy, which was severely damaged by the new coronavirus, Kumamoto Prefecture will carry out an accommodation subsidy campaign for residents of the prefecture! Please take this opportunity to rediscover the charm of the hometown Kumamoto by staying at an accommodation facility in the prefecture […]

Start in July! Kumamoto Prefecture North Accommodation Grant Summary [Arao/Kikuchi/Yamaga]

Hello! Mizukichi is always extending his antenna to local government campaigns. Arao and Kikuchi, located in the northern part of Kumamoto, will start a new accommodation grant in July! In addition, the "GoTo Yamaga Campaign," which started in June, has also been extended in duration […]

Awarded 2020 stars at Japan Winery Award XNUMX®

The Kumamoto Wine Farm and Kikuka Winery (Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture) received four stars at the 2020rd Japan Winery Awards 300® (sponsored by: Japan Winery Award Council). Receive excellent quality from about XNUMX wineries nationwide […]

May XNUMX (Thu) Kikuka Winery has resumed operations.

From Thursday, May 21st, Kikuka Winery closed its business due to the impact of the new coronavirus emergency declaration and resumed operations. The “Kikuka Winery” consists of the main building of the winery, two buildings called “AIRA RIDGE”, a total of three buildings […]

This time, we will introduce the skills of craftsmen living in Kumamoto, this time about the traditional crafts of Koshiro ware, Yamaga lanterns, Koba monkey, Amakusa pottery ceramics, Mizhirahira ware!

Kumamoto still has crafts that are born from the rich nature, craftsmanship, and wisdom of living, and that are used in daily life. This time, from among them, "Shiroyaki" in Arao City, "Yamaga Lantern" in Yamaga City, "Kiba Monkey" in Tadashi Town, and "Ten" in Hondo Town, Amakusa City […]

“Kikuka Winery Thanksgiving Day 2019” colors the 1 anniversary with wine, food and music! !

Hello. Do you know "Kikuka Winery"? A winery opened last year in 11 at the foot of the mountain in Kikuka. Some of you may have heard the names "Kikuka Chardonnay" and "Kikuka Cabernet". […]

"Ryowa 1st year Kumamoto Yamaga Waguri Sweets Fair" held! !

Period: September 1 (Sun)-November 30 (Saturday) in the First Year of Era Please enjoy unique Japanese and Western chestnut sweets! ! [This year, the largest number of 22 locations participated.] “Yamaga Waguri” in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume in western Japan, is an annual 8 […]

Kumamon! Cherry Blossoms! Onsen! Tomato! ! 2019 Bear Fun Run will be held!

Kumamoto is a sales manager and cheerful general manager of Kumamoto prefecture. Its popularity not only extends beyond Japan, it is now loved around the world mainly in Asia. XMUMX Month 2019 Day (Sun) [3 Bear Fun RUN Kumamoto Tournament] is such a fun run event of Kumamon theme [...]

11 Moon determined from 1 day! Kumamoto Prefecture Kita × zekkei "# zekkei Kumamoto Prefecture North" Introduction of 2018 Photo Contest.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Does everyone like to take pictures? I did not like it especially, but since I emigrated to Minamioguni-machi before 4 years ago, the scenery was so wonderful that I wanted to tell someone somehow! Like to take pictures and think so [...]

The flower language is the true mind of the maid. Great view Kumamoto's cosmos spot to go to 2018 5 election (* 1 includes Oita prefecture)

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. It was a hot summer Heisei last summer is over and morning and evening has become a little chilly autumn. Speaking of autumn flowers, what do you think of everyone? There are plenty of flowers blooming in autumn such as bellflower, bird dragon, and pencil, but again, Cos [...]

【Announcement】 Idevesture and chestnut ♪ ♪ The Kikuchi Fall Autumn Myir satisfaction event!

Chestnut picking in the nature × super popular natural roller coaster idea venture × chestnut lunch Kikuchi fall is the announcement of the event that you can fully enjoy 1 days absolutely! Its name is "Cometzb School 908" Special experience that can only be experienced here [...]

【Ideonia】 Kumamoto birth! ! I went to Kyushu's only Ide Downtown experience!

Hello everyone! This is Emin, who is fighting the heat of Kumamoto every year in the ninth year since I came to Kumamoto. Today I will introduce the idea "Kumamoto Birth!" "Reservation Rush!" "Fun × 100 times" "Cool × 100 times" "Highest × 100 times" Idea venture! [...]