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[Minamata] Let's stay in Minamata with double coupons! !!

Hello everyone! The distribution of GoTo Travel area common coupons has finally started in October, but in Minamata City, "Minamata Tourism Support Tickets" are being distributed as a plus.If you stay at Yunoko, Yunotsuru, or a business hotel, you can get a 10 yen per person […]

[Prefectural South] If you stay in Yatsushiro and Minamata right now, you will get a great coupon! !!

The tourism industry in Kumamoto Prefecture, which is greatly affected by corona and heavy rain. In this time, I would like to introduce the efforts of local governments that are doing their best. Yatsushiro and Minamata are located in the south of Kumamoto. Hitoyoshi city accommodation was closed due to "Southern heavy rain in Kumamoto" and reopened […]

[Kumamoto feeling at home] I tried to make a citrus and tomato drink with the fruit syrup of Fukuda Farm, the blessing of the Shiranui Sea

Summer is finally here. Originally, the tourist season has arrived, but in Kumamoto prefecture, there are many areas damaged by the heavy rain in July of Rewa 2 while the severe situation continues due to coronal erosion, so I just pray for a quick recovery as soon as possible. .. I want to visit Kumamoto this summer […]

Kumamon! Cherry Blossoms! Onsen! Tomato! ! 2019 Bear Fun Run will be held!

Kumamoto is a sales manager and cheerful general manager of Kumamoto prefecture. Its popularity not only extends beyond Japan, it is now loved around the world mainly in Asia. XMUMX Month 2019 Day (Sun) [3 Bear Fun RUN Kumamoto Tournament] is such a fun run event of Kumamon theme [...]

| Perfect preservation version | Gourmet in Yatsushiro, sometimes sightseeing. Recommended spot for enjoying retro taste and locals 10 selection (* 2019 year 1 month 13 day update)

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Do you know Yatsushiro City in Kumamoto Prefecture? Agriculture flourishes in Yatsushiro City in the plains spread by reclamation since the Edo period. Production of the tatami table wrapping material is the best in Japan, accounting for about 8 percent of domestic production. Also, […]

2018 Year of Golden Week day and congestion prediction. I tried collecting events & recommendation spots (← updating to plain)

Hello. I'm sorry for my swollen face and strange bangs. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. The spring vacation is over and the Golden week is coming soon! Are you planning to go out? What? This time, it is relatively comfortable when you go out from the line of sun [...]

The largest pomace in the world! Morinaga from Yatsushiro, where the lake white is peeled off, teaches you how to peel off!

I am sorry for my sleepy face. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Do you know "late white rice"? As citrus fruits as big as the face, domestic 97% are made in Kumamoto. ● Late white rice is a huge fruit among citrus fruits of pomaceous [...]

I love everyone! Recommended local soft ice cream 8 selection

How is everyone going by this season when the season moves from late summer to early autumn? I also like to eat chrysanthemum ice cold in the hot summer, but also relaxing the heat, feeling the autumn This season, a soft cream with plenty of rich milk taste and fruit asexually [...]

Enjoy the summer of Kumamoto! River play & sea & cool spot! Introduction at a glance!

Hello. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. I am sorry that the color is black. The 6 month is over and the 2017 year is half done! I can not hide my surprise. Although the latter half of the war will begin, it will be summer vacation soon! Speaking of summer is water play! When […]

| Announcement | "Tori and Kumamoto SHOP" began.

Today (6 month 27 days), sales of special products in Kumamoto prefecture started at "Oru to Kumamoto". It is a special product in an area that can only be eaten in the land. Currently, there are many sites selling local specialty products here. Countless number of [...]

| Announcement | "O Tom and Kumamoto HOTEL" began.

Today (6 month 13 days), reservation function of accommodation facility started in "Oru to Kumamoto". "Accommodation" occupies a large proportion in satisfaction of travel. There are a lot of accommodation reservation sites now, and a lot of accommodation facilities and accommodation plans are introduced [...]

From Yatsushiro who is talking about the topics of the Internet "thoroughly eaten chopsticks (tatami)" thoroughly investigated! Actually the health effect of grass was amazing.

Hello, this is Sato. When eating ramen in a panic, chopsticks barked out! It is a lie .... Actually, this chopsticks, you can eat it! Rather, it is a chopstick that gets healthier enough to eat. Is it really okay to eat? [...]