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Kumamoto Prefecture EC site "KUMAMOTO 24"

Kumamoto DMC Co., Ltd. operates KUMAMOTO 24, an online shop (EC site) to promote the products of Kumamoto Prefecture, and to let everyone in the country know about attractive prefecture products. The following ads to KUMAMOTO24 […]

【Bear Fun Run x Sweet Marathon in Osaka】 First collaboration held decision!

Hello everyone! Sweets, do you like it? After eating Japanese sweets, I am impressed by the taste and I am Emin, who came to resort to sweets from other countries. Today, we are having fun joining such delicious sweet all-you-can-eat, both young and old and young women [...]

Kumamoto's alcohol culture, Learn here! Water drivers, rice chefs, alcoholic beverage "Kuma BAR"! !

Hello. What will you come up with when you ask Kumamoto? Nature, volcano, Kumamoto Castle, horse sting, tasty water, ... I am from China's countryside, so I was moved by the taste of Kumamoto's water first! ! Until now the expression "water is delicious" until now [...]

Surrounded by cherry blossoms in full bloom! 2018 Bear Fun Run Kumamoto Tournament was held!

Kumamon who is sales manager and cheerful general manager of Kumamoto prefecture. Its popularity is not only in Japan, it is loved in many countries around the world. Such Kumamon's theme fun run event "2018 Bear Fun RUN Kumamoto Tournament" was held at 3 month 25 day (Sunday) in Kikuchi city, Kumamoto prefecture [...]

Kumamon and cherry blossoms and hot springs! 2018 Bear Fun Run Kumamoto Tournament will be held! (← Event ended)

Kumamon who is sales manager and cheerful general manager of Kumamoto prefecture. Its popularity not only extends beyond Japan, it is now loved around the world centering around Asia. Such a fan-run event of the theme "2018 Bear Fun Run Kumamoto Tournament" is 3 month 25 day (Sun [...]

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