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Recommended for families! Enjoy the nature and experience the river at the Itsuki Keiryu Villa, which can be enjoyed both day and night!

In the coming season, many people may be looking for a spot that can be enjoyed by the family while avoiding Sanyu. This time, we would like to introduce "Kiryu Villa ITSUKI", a secret spot in Itsuki Village, Kumamoto Prefecture. First of all, from the content that you can enjoy even on a day trip. &nb […]

[Continued Kamiamakusa] Experience the summer sea with Amakusa Gohashi Cruising! !!

In order to know more about "Amakusa Gotsubashi", we will introduce an easy cruise of about 30 minutes where you can feel the sea of ​​Amakusa. !! I got on "Amakusa Gohashi Cruising" sponsored by Sea Cruise! Click here for Mr. Tsukapi's article → [Kami Amakusa]

[Aso/Kusasenri] Visit the earth (mother) of Aso and grass (XNUMX) Senri

Hello! Although it is the rainy season, it is often the case that the sunny days are over 30 degrees Celsius, and I have the impression that summer will not begin in earnest. This time, it is easy to introduce Kusasenri, which is a standard spot in the Aso area, but let me introduce you to […]

[Ruins of Kumamoto/Taishoji Temple] I went to a hot topic in that NHK Taiga drama!

Hello! Watching the rainy season, Tsukapi is practicing marathon practice. This time I ran for "coolness" to the remains of Taishoji Temple in Tachida Nature Park! Although it is hot and humid during the rainy season, the park feels quite cool. You can recover your physical strength […]

[Experience report] I participated in the Aso Kuju cycle tour! (Early summer)

Sunny Aso. I participated in the Aso Kuju cycle tour sponsored by Trim Company! It was closed until the end of May, but it will be restarted from June, so I would like to write a hands-on report that everyone will want to visit! [Official HP of Trim Company] […]

[Food Report] I went to "Nu Sushi" in Amakusa, which is famous as one of Japan's three biggest sushi!

Mizukichi loves sushi over seafood bowls. A self-restraining life that lasted XNUMX-XNUMX months. The only good thing was that I could save money without spending too much money. However! Sometimes I can't do my best in my daily work unless I reward myself! So, jump in Amakusa […]

[Kumamoto citizens only] Go To campaign starts one after another in June! (Updated on 7/3)

Hello everyone! It feels like everyday life is gradually returning. Today, I would like to inform you about the accommodation subsidies for [Kumamoto citizens only], which started earlier, in relation to the "Go To Campaign" that I often hear in the news these days. Well […]

“Home” × “Otokuma”

"To all of you at home" It is usually Golden Week at this time, but many people are refraining from going out after receiving "Emergency Declaration" to prevent new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) infection. I think you are coming […]

I don't really want to teach! A superb view spot recommended by Ubuyama Village!

Hello everyone. Ubuyama-chan is a community revitalized member of the Ubuyama Village. Currently, there are 5 other members in the Ubuyama Village who are working as community revitalization teams! Each member plays an active part by making the most of his / her career. One of them […]

This time, we will introduce the skills of craftsmen living in Kumamoto, this time about the traditional crafts of Koshiro ware, Yamaga lanterns, Koba monkey, Amakusa pottery ceramics, Mizhirahira ware!

Kumamoto still has crafts that are born from the rich nature, craftsmanship, and wisdom of living, and that are used in daily life. This time, from among them, "Shiroyaki" in Arao City, "Yamaga Lantern" in Yamaga City, "Kiba Monkey" in Tadashi Town, and "Ten" in Hondo Town, Amakusa City […]

What do you play with Rain Aso?

It seems like it will rain though I came to Aso There are many things you can do outside of Aso, but there are things you can do indoors or with an umbrella outside! The weather forecast is rain ... Introducing what you can do in Aso. Pl […]

The best way to enjoy outdoor activities in Aso

Please click here for English article Cycling Aso is the perfect place for cycling. It's OK to go on a safe road or to challenge a steep or winding mountain road. this time […]

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