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[Yamato Town] Let's support the most organic town in Japan, Yamato Town! !!

Crowdfunding started in Yamatocho on the 19th. I want to keep Yamato-cho, the best organic town in Japan, alive! It is a joint project of producers, processing companies and restaurants. […]

[Ruins of Kumamoto/Taishoji Temple] I went to a hot topic in that NHK Taiga drama!

Hello! Watching the rainy season, Tsukapi is practicing marathon practice. This time I ran for "coolness" to the remains of Taishoji Temple in Tachida Nature Park! Although it is hot and humid during the rainy season, the park feels quite cool. You can recover your physical strength […]

This time, we will introduce the skills of craftsmen living in Kumamoto, this time about the traditional crafts of Koshiro ware, Yamaga lanterns, Koba monkey, Amakusa pottery ceramics, Mizhirahira ware!

Kumamoto still has crafts that are born from the rich nature, craftsmanship, and wisdom of living, and that are used in daily life. This time, from among them, "Shiroyaki" in Arao City, "Yamaga Lantern" in Yamaga City, "Kiba Monkey" in Tadashi Town, and "Ten" in Hondo Town, Amakusa City […]

We introduce technique of craftsman who breathes in Kumamoto, traditional crafts kishima, bamboo work, Higo elephant cancer, Kawajiri cutlery!

Kumamoto Prefecture still has crafts that have been used in the life that has been nurtured and nurtured from rich nature, craftsmanship and the wisdom of people's lives. The crafts created from the communication between the maker and the user are various ways of living [...]

Seni Tonyagai - The Hidden Retro Arcade of Kumamoto

Anyone who has visited Japan a few times, or even just once, have probably noticed the existence of the so-cal [...]

I am introducing "Fri Kinokuri (Kannuri Shigeru)" from the Kumamoto prefecture, the father of a Japanese marathon who is currently talking about in the Olympics for the first time in Japanese!

Do you know the Japanese marathon's father "Kinnikuri Shikisa (Kannuri Yuu)"? ! Because it is not a person who is generally not well-known, there seems to be not many people who took a look at some sports fans, "Who is that?" [...]

Make Kumamoto a cartoonist Silicon Valley! "International manga CAMP in Takamori cho" was held!

Hello. Edited by Otto and Kumamoto. It finally began to feel cooler in the morning and evening, and finally the autumn arrived in Kumamoto. Prior to "Autumn of Art" ... in Aso - Takamori Town, 9 / 17 - 18 's 2 days, [International Manga CAMP in Takamori - cho] is held [...]

Going around to live on a tram, Kumamoto's nostalgic & latest spot

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. For Kumamoto citizens, easy-to-use means of transportation, Kumamoto-shi Electric. Trucks running along the streets with Gotonggoto are actually the perfect rides for sightseeing legs as well. It is popular with retro townscapes and highly sensitive young people [...]

Walking through the small castle town of Kumamoto Castle and making the taste of Kumamoto & throbbing pleasantly to omikukuji

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. Do you know the spot "Cherry Baba Castle Garden" which is indispensable for Kumamoto Castle sightseeing? Kumamoto's delicious items line up with the slurry in the townscape that reproduced the castle town of the Edo period when Kumamoto Castle was built, eat it on the spot [...]

A sightseeing spot in Kumamoto which absolutely can not be removed! The brave appearance of Kumamoto castle that can only be seen now and the castle Sanpo enjoying history romantic

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. This time we will introduce the fundamental basis of Kumamoto sightseeing, "Kumamoto Castle" which is the symbol of Kumamoto City and "Kato Shrine" which enshrines the castle god Kiyomasa Kato inside the castle! Kumamoto Castle Counted as one of Japan's three great castles [...]

We introduce beautiful traditional craft "Kagamimoto boasts" "Higo Inlaid"!

Hello. Suddenly, what kind of crafts are you interested in? Today I will introduce about Kumamoto's leading handicraft "Higo Inlaid". Kumamoto Prefecture Traditional Crafts Center is a facility for introducing and selling attractive crafts of Kumamoto. About 80 species in the hall [...]

500 people 500 colors! Kumamoto Merchant's thought - Mother Five Yu Han

Hello. Everyone, you saw Jizo san, did not he? Then, do not you think that it is a tremendous sight if there are many stone statues on the roadside? Actually, it's in Kumamoto! ! That name is also Five Hundred Han! Kazuhiko Ogawa (@ [...]

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