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The long-awaited second Kumamoto Castle special open has begun!

Prefectural people who love Kumamoto Castle! Kumamoto Castle fans all over the country! Everyone who is planning to become a fan! Thank you for your patience. The second special release of Kumamoto Castle, which had been postponed, has finally started on June 6st (Monday). "I want to go, but corona measures are great […]

2019 Bear Fun Run in Hong Kong

It is a hot topic in Hong Kong, but the XNUMXrd Kuma Fun Run Hong Kong was successfully held in September. As usual, Kumamon is very popular among Hong Kong people! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun 残念 Unfortunately, there were fewer participants than last year 😭 A note with Kumamon before the start […]

“Chill out with Jibier and Bonfire, a gathering of solo campers” held! !

Loving camp Hello, everyone! ! In Kosa Town, we will be holding a “Chillout and Solo Camper Gathering with Jibier and Bonfire” for 11 days from 23 Monday (Saturday) to 24 Sunday (Sunday)! ! Participants include “bonfire / outdoor classroom” and “[…]

The best feast is vegetables Organic village Yamatocho Sake Brewery Marche! !

The best feasts are “vegetables”, “sake” and “clear air of Yamato-cho”! ! Information on “Sake Brewery Marche” to be held in Organic Village, Yamatocho! Hello everyone (^^ ♪ harvest of autumn, but will be held harvest festivals and Marche in various fields anymore [...]

Aso of motorcycle! Aso BIKE MONTH is held!

Milk Road, Yamanami Highway, Kenny Road ... Aso's vast grassland has been chosen as a path that riders across the country want to run once! An event where 7 municipalities of Aso welcomed motorcycles with the slogan "Aso as a sacred place for motorcycles!"

“Kikuka Winery Thanksgiving Day 2019” colors the 1 anniversary with wine, food and music! !

Hello. Do you know "Kikuka Winery"? A winery opened last year in 11 at the foot of the mountain in Kikuka. Some of you may have heard the names "Kikuka Chardonnay" and "Kikuka Cabernet". […]

Recruitment of "SUP monitor" in Kosa-cho! !

“SUP monitor recruitment” The first-class river “Midorikawa” flows through Kosa-cho, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture. We will hold a SUP experience event that can be enjoyed by parents and children. Nature-rich Kosa-cho, surrounded by rivers and mountains, 30 minutes from Kumamoto city.

"Ryowa 1st year Kumamoto Yamaga Waguri Sweets Fair" held! !

Period: September 1 (Sun)-November 30 (Saturday) in the First Year of Era Please enjoy unique Japanese and Western chestnut sweets! ! [This year, the largest number of 22 locations participated.] “Yamaga Waguri” in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume in western Japan, is an annual 8 […]

[Special plan] Dam and power plant tour of Kuma River water system

Hello. It is Emin who is nervous after a long time in a post. Today, we will introduce a special plan tour [The Dam and Power Generation Tour of the Kuma River water system], which was also advertised to the media. Suddenly, are you interested in dams? Recently the theme for TV [...]

From Oyama to Oita prefecture (next side) to the falls and waterfalls of Harajiri!

Hello everyone. It is Ubuyama-Chan who is active as a community revival team in a mountain village that has reached a warm spring. Industrial mountain village is located in Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, but next to each other bordering on Oita Prefecture at the prefectural border! And famous Aso, Kuju, grandmother of Kyushu (Kumamoto, Oita, Miya [...]

The topic boils down in the river drama! I went to the "Kin Chestnut Four Sensational Museum" to honor the father's achievement of the Japanese marathon ~ The first part ~

"Kin chestnuts four museum" opened in Kazui Town, Kumamoto prefecture! Finally started, have you seen this year's big river drama "Imadeen ~ Tokyo Olympics 噺 ~" already? The first five Japanese [...]

Kumamon! Cherry Blossoms! Onsen! Tomato! ! 2019 Bear Fun Run will be held!

Kumamoto is a sales manager and cheerful general manager of Kumamoto prefecture. Its popularity not only extends beyond Japan, it is now loved around the world mainly in Asia. XMUMX Month 2019 Day (Sun) [3 Bear Fun RUN Kumamoto Tournament] is such a fun run event of Kumamon theme [...]

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