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Kumamon! Cherry Blossoms! Onsen! Tomato! ! 2019 Bear Fun Run will be held!

Kumamoto is a sales manager and cheerful general manager of Kumamoto prefecture. Its popularity not only extends beyond Japan, it is now loved around the world mainly in Asia. XMUMX Month 2019 Day (Sun) [3 Bear Fun RUN Kumamoto Tournament] is such a fun run event of Kumamon theme [...]

With popularity, Chrygokuki Winery Tour No. 2 bullet! Bonus with 【Afternoon Tea Bus Tour】 Holding decision! ※ Tour application has ended!

Hello. It is Emin, I am not good at katakana in 10 year of visiting Japan. The first day of the Chrysanthemum Wine Tours held last year in 11 moon was received with popularity, the first 2 bullet, "Afternoon Tea Bath Tour" with benefits will be held! By the way, "Afternoon Tea Bath Tour [...]

I am introducing "Fri Kinokuri (Kannuri Shigeru)" from the Kumamoto prefecture, the father of a Japanese marathon who is currently talking about in the Olympics for the first time in Japanese!

Do you know the Japanese marathon's father "Kinnikuri Shikisa (Kannuri Yuu)"? ! Because it is not a person who is generally not well-known, there seems to be not many people who took a look at some sports fans, "Who is that?" [...]

Admission to Aso There is a place where you can play 1 daytime free! Let's play leisure spot "Ubayama ranch"!

Happy new year everyone. Ubayama is active as a regional cooperation squad in Sanzan Village. Sansei village is surrounded by Aso Godake and is surrounded by Kuzumiyama in Oita Prefecture and Mt. Mt. Miyazaki in Miyazaki Prefecture, where unspoiled nature remains. The charm of such a village [...]

Excellent viewing "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San Love" was held!

We held "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae" on 11 Moon 10 day in Kumamoto Prefecture Minamioguni - cho, which has "Kurokawa Onsenkyo" which is one of the most popular hot springs nationwide, and "Nabeka - taki" which became the stage of CM. ※ Event details of "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae" is here This time, prefecture [...]

11 Moon determined from 1 day! Kumamoto Prefecture Kita × zekkei "# zekkei Kumamoto Prefecture North" Introduction of 2018 Photo Contest.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Does everyone like to take pictures? I did not like it especially, but since I emigrated to Minamioguni-machi before 4 years ago, the scenery was so wonderful that I wanted to tell someone somehow! Like to take pictures and think so [...]

【Bear Fun Run x Sweet Marathon in Osaka】 First collaboration held decision!

Hello everyone! Sweets, do you like it? After eating Japanese sweets, I am impressed by the taste and I am Emin, who came to resort to sweets from other countries. Today, we are having fun joining such delicious sweet all-you-can-eat, both young and old and young women [...]

11 Month 10 day held! Introducing the holding of "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae"!

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. This time, I believe that "Aso Region Recovery Fair" will be held in Minamioguni-machi where I live, so that we can introduce. The venue is around here. At the boundary between Oita prefecture and Kumamoto prefecture, at the book highland of Setose [...]

Make Kumamoto a cartoonist Silicon Valley! "International manga CAMP in Takamori cho" was held!

Hello. Edited by Otto and Kumamoto. It finally began to feel cooler in the morning and evening, and finally the autumn arrived in Kumamoto. Prior to "Autumn of Art" ... in Aso - Takamori Town, 9 / 17 - 18 's 2 days, [International Manga CAMP in Takamori - cho] is held [...]

【Announcement】 Idevesture and chestnut ♪ ♪ The Kikuchi Fall Autumn Myir satisfaction event!

Chestnut picking in the nature × super popular natural roller coaster idea venture × chestnut lunch Kikuchi fall is the announcement of the event that you can fully enjoy 1 days absolutely! Its name is "Cometzb School 908" Special experience that can only be experienced here [...]

Rider gather in Aso of 10 moon! Aso to the sanctuary of the motorcycle. Introduction of ASO Bike Weeks that the ASO Mobility Tourisum Executive Committee is working on.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Everyone, do you ride a bike? Actually, I started with the original as a foot of the movement when I was a college student, and until recently I was on a motorcycle. When Aso was running on a motorcycle, I could feel a change in temperature, [...]

【Ideonia】 Kumamoto birth! ! I went to Kyushu's only Ide Downtown experience!

Hello everyone! This is Emin, who is fighting the heat of Kumamoto every year in the ninth year since I came to Kumamoto. Today I will introduce the idea "Kumamoto Birth!" "Reservation Rush!" "Fun × 100 times" "Cool × 100 times" "Highest × 100 times" Idea venture! [...]

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