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Notice of "National Ishibashi Summit in Kumamoto" 11 / 17 ~ 11 / 18 held

National Ishibashi Summit in Kumamoto In Kumamoto Prefecture there is an arched stone bridge surplus of 300 and Misato Town, Miho Town, Koza Town and Yamachi Town which are the watershed of the Midorikawa remain stone bridges exceeding 3 which is 1 for about 80 It is. Especially among the many stone bridges, "Junbashi" is masonry [...]

This is Amakusa's bottom power! The taste and the instrument are super good items The 17th Amakusa rice-bowl fair holding!

I remember that the beginning of the first place was the feeling of pottery artists. Amakusa pottery stone known as a raw material for ceramics is said to be one of Japan's leading quality and quantity, and has supported Amakusa since the Edo period. In Hiraga Genji it was called "elegance of the magical world". Near

【Kurokawa Onsen morning picnic】 The best breakfast which can be enjoyed with freshest ingredients and superb views of Minamikogunsi (reservation reception starts!)

Hello everyone, this is rica. This time, I will introduce about "Kurokawa Onsen morning picnic" of the attention new area efforts from Minami-Oguni Town where I live! Kurokawa Onsen is a picnic? And in the morning? What? This project that I care about somewhat. I like the superb view of Aso, [...]

Nostalgic modern! Kumamoto Castle Town Information and Culture Originating Base 【Hayakawa Warehouse】

Hello. It is a kimidori. Hayakawa warehouse who interfered during the rainy season was a while. Approximately 10 minutes riding the tram from Kumamoto city center to Kumamoto station direction. I got off at Gion Bridge Electric stop soon. One corner of castle town Komachi continued from about 400 years ago when Kumamoto castle was built, called Komomachi [...]

13 times Kubo park in Amakusa west Floral festival & food and property large bazaar

25 million flowers in bloom in the iris garden of the foremost in western Japan! The Amakusa Hanasobu Festival, which will be the 13 times, will be held in Kubo Park in the West this year as a result of many exhibits of food and goods. The bottom three pictures were taken last year. (Provided by Ms. Yoshida) Last year [...]

Old, new and delicious Yatsushiro "Maruyama Nomi Exhibition" and "Costume Grill"

It was 1991 year (Heisei 3 year) 10 moon that the unusual buildings appeared near Yatsushiro Castle. Yatsushiro Municipal Museum The Future Forest Museum seems to be said to have been a masterpiece of the architect Toyio Ito who stops now. As it was a fresh green season, it is included in the green mood and the buildings [...]

Look forward to "traveling time"! A journey to eat in the restaurant Kumamoto's first landing restaurant bus (test drive report)

Hello from the book highland, where the blowing snow is 4 moon. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Today, except for Okinawa, this time I came to the test drive meeting of Kyushu's first landing restaurant bus. ● The easy-to-understand movie for the restaurant bus is here 2-storey owl [...]

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