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Special feature of shops where you can feel like traveling abroad while staying in Kumamoto! !!

When I was depressed because I couldn't go abroad for a while, I suddenly came up with it. "Isn't it good if I can feel the feeling of being abroad with food?" I tried it at lunch immediately! First of all, let's take a look at the super popular store of Kogobukuro, which has its main store in Taipei. Crane […]

“Home” × “Otokuma”

"To all of you at home" It is usually Golden Week at this time, but many people are refraining from going out after receiving "Emergency Declaration" to prevent new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) infection. I think you are coming […]

“Kikuka Winery Thanksgiving Day 2019” colors the 1 anniversary with wine, food and music! !

Hello. Do you know "Kikuka Winery"? A winery opened last year in 11 at the foot of the mountain in Kikuka. Some of you may have heard the names "Kikuka Chardonnay" and "Kikuka Cabernet". […]

Seni Tonyagai - The Hidden Retro Arcade of Kumamoto

Anyone who has visited Japan a few times, or even just once, have probably noticed the existence of the so-cal [...]

With popularity, Chrygokuki Winery Tour No. 2 bullet! Bonus with 【Afternoon Tea Bus Tour】 Holding decision! ※ Tour application has ended!

Hello. It is Emin, I am not good at katakana in 10 year of visiting Japan. The first day of the Chrysanthemum Wine Tours held last year in 11 moon was received with popularity, the first 2 bullet, "Afternoon Tea Bath Tour" with benefits will be held! By the way, "Afternoon Tea Bath Tour [...]

Excellent viewing "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San Love" was held!

We held "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae" on 11 Moon 10 day in Kumamoto Prefecture Minamioguni - cho, which has "Kurokawa Onsenkyo" which is one of the most popular hot springs nationwide, and "Nabeka - taki" which became the stage of CM. ※ Event details of "Aso Region Recovery Fair in San-ae" is here This time, prefecture [...]

Going around to live on a tram, Kumamoto's nostalgic & latest spot

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. For Kumamoto citizens, easy-to-use means of transportation, Kumamoto-shi Electric. Trucks running along the streets with Gotonggoto are actually the perfect rides for sightseeing legs as well. It is popular with retro townscapes and highly sensitive young people [...]

2018 Year of Golden Week day and congestion prediction. I tried collecting events & recommendation spots (← updating to plain)

Hello. I'm sorry for my swollen face and strange bangs. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. The spring vacation is over and the Golden week is coming soon! Are you planning to go out? What? This time, it is relatively comfortable when you go out from the line of sun [...]

Actually, you can drink sake. Recommended for one person Kumamoto's well-established record house "WOODSTOCK"

Hello, this is Kimidori. Kumamoto also suddenly became chilly. The sunset is getting sooner, it has become a season to enjoy the night time. My job was a little late but I want to drink a cup and return home alone, I came to Kumamoto on a business trip alone, but buying beer at a convenience store [...]

It's a breath at the cafe in the hot summer. 8 cafés recommended in the prefecture where the atmosphere is nice

Hot days with temperatures exceeding 30 ° have continued, but are everybody OK for summer bat? On the weekend it is easy to get ridiculous in the room of the cooler, but why do not you change your occasion with a cafe? There are many nice cafes in Kumamoto prefecture, but this time [...]

A man who changed the image of the flower from "Cute" to "Cool" (Part 1) 【Kumamoto HEROS vol.5】

We will introduce Kumamoto DMC business promotion group manager / executive consultant muro from Kumamoto to all over Japan and the world. The third time this time, Kumamoto is the closest artist in the world, Flow [...]

Thanks to Amakusa's producers! I will have delicious ingredients for the season! | 1st | Visit fisherman Harada

Hello! 4 It's been a while since I entered the moon, yet it is NOHARA that you can not see cherry-blossom viewing yet. It is a place I would like to go to a cup with a cherry-blossom viewing party. Please give me someone. Well, this article is "Thanks to Amakusa's producers! Seasonal food was tasty [...]

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