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[Kumamoto feeling at home] I tried to make a citrus and tomato drink with the fruit syrup of Fukuda Farm, the blessing of the Shiranui Sea

Summer is finally here. Originally, the tourist season has arrived, but in Kumamoto prefecture, there are many areas damaged by the heavy rain in July of Rewa 2 while the severe situation continues due to coronal erosion, so I just pray for a quick recovery as soon as possible. .. I want to visit Kumamoto this summer […]

Recommended lunch of Aso Touring! [Welcome! Bikers! Vol.XNUMX] Soba-dokoro, Aso City

Hello, to from the show, so! This is Kimidori. I will go to Aso's classic lunch spot, soba! Aso has plenty of beautiful water and there are many delicious soba shops, but today we introduce locals who are beautiful […]

If you go to Aso ... recommended motorcycle souvenirs! South Aso's hormone!

Hello! Recently, when I go out on a motorcycle, I will pack cool bags, Kimidori. I went to Aso on a motorcycle and came across something delicious, and I had to give up on purchasing refrigerated or frozen items several times, and since then I have always been loading […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.5] Minamiogunicho Hanagou

Hello 1 people from lovers of the hill (Hiranodai plateau view place). This is Kimidori. The panoramic view overlooking the Aso mountains from this observatory that entered from Kurokawa Onsen is amazing! ! On this weekday, a Dutch couple and a solo traveler from Taiwan […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.4] Takamori Town Takamori Tara Village

Hello! Kimidori was filled with the feelings of Sumimasen because he was embarrassed to have been told that he had returned after a month of delivery. Today we're introducing recommended lunch spots for group tours! […]

Let's enjoy it casually in Kumamoto city! Visit Kumamoto wine that the world pays attention to.

Charm of Kumamoto wine that is highly regarded worldwide. Do you know the keywords that are now attracting attention among tourists visiting Kumamoto? It is "Kumamoto wine"! Are you making wine in Kumamoto too? And those who seem to be surprised [...]

I want to buy in Kumamoto city! I'm looking forward to it! We introduce the world of deep Kumama shochu.

"Kuma shochu" is the world's finest sake from Kumamoto prefecture What kind of liquor is it? Speaking of sake from Kumamoto, there are many who imagine Kumama shochu. Something like "Kyushu people are strong in drinking alcohol" and "Kumamoto people can only drink shoma shochu", and something [...]

I do not want to tell anyone! We will introduce a new secret base [popular bars Kotobuki]!

Hello. It is Emin, who knew the taste of beer after becoming a social worker. I will introduce the "Secret Base" we found on a private basis the other day! When entering a narrow street just before entering Namikizaka from Uen Street, you should see a two-storey fashionable Izakaya [...]

Gastronomy, beauty sake and handsome yakinmakusen got drunk by Kumamoto boys, I'm surprised to see a famous shop!

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. Speaking of pleasures, it is a communication with local people, delicious foods that are unique to that land, alcohol, and local residents. This time, the editorial department can enjoy Japanese-style restaurants and alcoholic beverages and sprinkling shochu symbolizing Kumamoto BAR [...]

Walking through the small castle town of Kumamoto Castle and making the taste of Kumamoto & throbbing pleasantly to omikukuji

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. Do you know the spot "Cherry Baba Castle Garden" which is indispensable for Kumamoto Castle sightseeing? Kumamoto's delicious items line up with the slurry in the townscape that reproduced the castle town of the Edo period when Kumamoto Castle was built, eat it on the spot [...]

I want to drink comfortably! I want to eat lots of cheap! We will introduce shops in Ueno behind Kumamoto City where you can taste Showa style!

Hello everyone. Speaking of summer ,, KinKin's beer, good rice! ! With that, you can overcome the sultry summer of Kumamoto. Today, while enjoying the Showa style, delicious dishes at reasonable prices introduce recommended shops in Kamono in large sets [...]

【Series】 Dedicated and prejudiced stolen! Recommended Kumamoto Ramen store 【Kumamoto city center part 1】

Hello. My favorite noodles are pork bone. However, cup noodles are soy sauce fancy kimidori. I would like to introduce a ramen restaurant I recommend personally! Speaking of Kumamoto's delicious things, horse sting, beef, mustard lotus root, prawn praise, caster drum, Taiping Tsubame [...]