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Recommended lunch of Aso Touring! [Welcome! Bikers! Vol.XNUMX] Soba-dokoro, Aso City

Hello, to from the show, so! This is Kimidori. I will go to Aso's classic lunch spot, soba! Aso has plenty of beautiful water and there are many delicious soba shops, but today we introduce locals who are beautiful […]

Aso, a sacred place for motorcycles! Introducing the impressive “superb view road”! !

I took a trace of the tires left on the deposited volcanic ash. This is Kimidori. Be careful when running on the ashes on the edge of the road, slip. A place where riders from all over the country want to run once in a lifetime […]

After all it is red beef if you eat in Aso! Red beef bowl you want to eat at a touring lunch!

Selfie does not improve forever. The color of the bike and the clothes is very congested. All you need for lunch is to go touring. In fact, I often go touring for lunch. . . […]

Recommended for Aso camping touring! Recommended campsite! Guesthouse!

Hello smaller in the distance. The weather was so good that I took a picture of the mountain, Kimidori. I know that Aso is very popular with people who like motorcycles, but recently ... See this post on Instagram […]

That's it! Let's go buy bread by motorcycle! Aso's recommended bakery that is perfect as a souvenir for touring!

Hello. As always, she is not good at taking selfies. Is the beauty of the blue sky of Aso transmitted? Today I would like to introduce a delicious bakery you want to stop by during touring! When running on a motorcycle, there are many bakery shops in Aso […]

[Get power! ] Recommended for touring around Aso's power spot.

Hello! Recently, it has been gaining too much power from food, and it has been filled with calories. There are various purposes when going to touring in Aso, right? It's fun enough to run in nature on a motorcycle, but it's fun […]

[Superb view unique to Aso! ] Let's go on a motorcycle to see the sea of ​​clouds! [Early morning touring]

Hello, failed to own take of the sea of ​​clouds, it is yellow-green. Touring to Aso, running in the spring and summer greens and running in the autumn grass are the best, but what I want to personally recommend is to get up early and see the sea of ​​clouds! & nbs […]

[Travel on a motorcycle! ] Kumamoto Reconstruction Project! 【Gang of straw】

Hello! I love Kimi manga. By the way, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a national manga (© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha). A project to support recovery from the Kumamoto earthquake is currently underway! ! Details of the project ⇒ Kumamoto […]

[Recommended Touring Route] Touring to Minami Aso is closer due to the opening of Hiyama Tunnel Route!

Hello to the mirror over. Smartphone has always been Android's Kimidori. By the way, when you go to Aso by motorcycle, what route do you go to? It ’s not an ordinary road with no change and an intersection over there… ”[…]

Recommended for Aso Touring. I went to the beautiful mountain area! The sea of ​​clouds was also beautiful!

Hello from the autumn leaves, it is yellow-green. Today we will introduce a little touring course in Aso. Even in a word, Aso's touring, there are many different routes, and the mileage is usually over 200km. Not only large motorcycles, but a little […]

If you go to Aso ... recommended motorcycle souvenirs! South Aso's hormone!

Hello! Recently, when I go out on a motorcycle, I will pack cool bags, Kimidori. I went to Aso on a motorcycle and came across something delicious, and I had to give up on purchasing refrigerated or frozen items several times, and since then I have always been loading […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.6] Aso City HIBARI GRILL

Hello from sunny helmet rock view place. This is Kimidori. This is the place to go for some reason during Aso touring. Take a break because there are toilets and vending machines. Isn't there a lot of people? This is the place to introduce today. […]