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[Hitoyoshi/Kuma] Thank you for your support in the recovery of the heavy rains in the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture!

Mainly in the hot spring town, where tourists were gradually returning, and in Hitoyoshi, a sightseeing spot that Kumamoto is proud of. There are voices of concern and support from all over the country. I want to help something, what can I do now […]

[Kumamoto citizens only] Go To campaign starts one after another in June! (Updated on 7/17)

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to inform you about the accommodation subsidies for [Kumamoto residents only], which started earlier, by getting involved in the "Go To Campaign" that I often hear in news recently. What happens when the second wave arrives, flooded with applications all at once […]

[Introduction of limited-time tour accompanying the Rugby World Cup] Enjoy small Kyoto "Hitoyoshi"!

"❝Hitoyoshi (Little Kyoto) ❞ Enjoy Tour" Information on a great monitor tour for Rugby World Cup bearers! ⇒ Click here for other tours Hitoyoshi City located in the south of Kumamoto Prefecture. A small Kyoto in autumn […]

[Special plan] Dam and power plant tour of Kuma River water system

Hello. It is Emin who is nervous after a long time in a post. Today, we will introduce a special plan tour [The Dam and Power Generation Tour of the Kuma River water system], which was also advertised to the media. Suddenly, are you interested in dams? Recently the theme for TV [...]

Golden Week in 2019 year is on 10 consecutive holidays! Introduce spring-in and out spot of Kumamoto at once!

Hello. This is Morinaga from Kumamoto. Did you know that this year's Golden Week is an 10 holiday? I am working in the tourism industry and my 10 work has been confirmed. With the throne of the new emperor, Shinzo Abe intends to make 2019 month 5 day a holiday only in 1 year […]

I will introduce about the authentic shochu brand [shimchi made in Kyushu] which was recognized only in Japan with only one 4 production area name.

Hello. The first shochu that I drank in the eighth year since I came to Kumamoto is here. This is Shochu made by Oishi Shuzo in commemoration of the formation of Azaigaoka Gakuen! With a refreshing scent, soft mouthfeel, elegant taste of rice spreading in the mouth, bitter taste, throat was very good [...]

Hot springs, food and activities. A three-time attendant "A train can go" sightseeing spot, Hinoyoshi's recommendation.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. I am sorry for wearing a hot down. Actually, I, my mother 's parents house is in Hitoyoshi, and when I was small I went to Hitoyoshi quite frequently. I still love it and I like the place next to Aso who lives now [...]

"Hinnichi Kuma, Hinamatsuri 2018" is also underway! I was surprised at the hot spring of Sulzul with "Wakka Ayu's dance eating" in winter's limited place at Tairuto Tower in the birthplace of Hitoyoshi Onsen! (Accommodation Report)

Hello. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. I intended to stand straight, but I feel the body is tilted. By the way, I am going on a trip on my own with a goal of about 1 times a month and I am introducing you, but this time I went to Hitoyoshi Onsen. Fruit [...]

If you say "Hatsumode" in Kumamoto, here it is! I tried collecting together with the recommended recommended spots.

Hello, busy part of the year. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Well, it is almost time for the 2017 year to end and the 2018 year is about to begin. What was the year like 201X NUMX for everyone? A good person next year is a better year [...]

It's a breath at the cafe in the hot summer. 8 cafés recommended in the prefecture where the atmosphere is nice

Hot days with temperatures exceeding 30 ° have continued, but are everybody OK for summer bat? On the weekend it is easy to get ridiculous in the room of the cooler, but why do not you change your occasion with a cafe? There are many nice cafes in Kumamoto prefecture, but this time [...]

【9 hot spring choices in Kumamoto】 Introduction of hot springs & surrounding nice spots to go in Kumamoto!

Hello in a yukata figure. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. To tell the truth, I like hot springs too much, I got a job in a travel information magazine, after that I liked hot springs and moved to Minamioguni-machi with Kurokawa Onsen. Even if you estimate less, it is in hot springs for more than 100 times per year [...]