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[To all citizens] Helping Kumamoto tourism! Kumamoto City Premium Accommodation Coupon (until 7/31)

From June 6th (Monday) next week, "Kumamoto City Premium Accommodation Coupons" that Kumamoto citizens can use at accommodations in the city will start selling! (All citizens are eligible!) The period of use is from June 15 (Fri) to July 6 (Fri) for accommodation! ht […]

We introduce technique of craftsman who breathes in Kumamoto, traditional crafts kishima, bamboo work, Higo elephant cancer, Kawajiri cutlery!

Kumamoto Prefecture still has crafts that have been used in the life that has been nurtured and nurtured from rich nature, craftsmanship and the wisdom of people's lives. The crafts created from the communication between the maker and the user are various ways of living [...]

Don't forget the top spots in the area! I went to the "Kanakuri Shiso Museum" to honor the achievements of my Japanese marathon father-second part-

Kinzuri Shizo also visited! Let's go to a tourist spot Kumamoto short trip following the footsteps of Shizuru Kinkuri, one of the main characters of this year's Taiga drama "Identen". The first half is from here! In Wazu Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, where Kinshuku was born [...]

Enjoy with your pet! Recommendation of Kumamoto sightseeing

Kumamoto City, which was once called the "city of the forest" by literary writer Soseki Natsume. As its name suggests, Kumamoto is a city full of greenery in the central city area, and a pleasant walk. There are many people who enjoy taking a walk with a lead to sightseeing Mecca such as Kumamoto Castle and Kamidori and Shimodori arcades, etc. [...]

It is a topic even in the XNUM X-year Taiga drama, starring Tomo General and Akechi Mitsuhide! ? Hosokawa Iya Bodhi Temple "Taishukuji trace" where "Hosokawa Garasha (Mushide's daughter)" sleeps, which is related to Kumamoto that is not known unexpectedly, is a hidden tourist spot! ?

The spectacular life of "Hosokawa Garasha" Hosokawa Garasha was born in 1563 as the third daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide, whose name is "Akechi Tama". After being grown up as a daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide, she was raised as a daughter of X-MOX years, and by the order of Nobunaga Oda, Hosokawa's oldest son "Hosokawa Tadako" [...]

Let's enjoy it casually in Kumamoto city! Visit Kumamoto wine that the world pays attention to.

Charm of Kumamoto wine that is highly regarded worldwide. Do you know the keywords that are now attracting attention among tourists visiting Kumamoto? It is "Kumamoto wine"! Are you making wine in Kumamoto too? And those who seem to be surprised [...]

Seni Tonyagai - The Hidden Retro Arcade of Kumamoto

Anyone who has visited Japan a few times, or even just once, have probably noticed the existence of the so-cal [...]

Yoyasuyu - The True Kumamoto Sento Experience

One of the most essential parts of Japanese culture is bathing. The Japanese people adore and value the precio [...]

Kumamoto was the sanctuary of sauna! Report Neo Kumamoto Sauna experience filled with surprise and impression!

Sauna boom coming! What is the new sanctuary of Kumamoto's proud sauna? Everyone, do you like saunas? "Hobbies of Osan" "Hot and troublesome" "Water bath is cold and impossible ..." Embracing such a negative image [...]

I do not want to tell anyone! We will introduce a new secret base [popular bars Kotobuki]!

Hello. It is Emin, who knew the taste of beer after becoming a social worker. I will introduce the "Secret Base" we found on a private basis the other day! When entering a narrow street just before entering Namikizaka from Uen Street, you should see a two-storey fashionable Izakaya [...]

Gastronomy, beauty sake and handsome yakinmakusen got drunk by Kumamoto boys, I'm surprised to see a famous shop!

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. Speaking of pleasures, it is a communication with local people, delicious foods that are unique to that land, alcohol, and local residents. This time, the editorial department can enjoy Japanese-style restaurants and alcoholic beverages and sprinkling shochu symbolizing Kumamoto BAR [...]

Immersed in beautiful skin water & exquisite relaxation & baby's newborn baby! I went to Uki Onsen in the northern part of Kumamoto City!

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. Kumamoto Prefecture is a hot spring big country that I heard so far! Aso and Amakusa, as well as hot springs scattered all over the prefecture. It is fascinated by the good quality of the springs and it is what "hot spring sanctuary" gathers hot spring freak from the whole country. This time, especially in Kumamoto [...]