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[Food Report] I went to "Nu Sushi" in Amakusa, which is famous as one of Japan's three biggest sushi!

Mizukichi loves sushi over seafood bowls. A self-restraining life that lasted XNUMX-XNUMX months. The only good thing was that I could save money without spending too much money. However! Sometimes I can't do my best in my daily work unless I reward myself! So, jump in Amakusa […]

After all it is red beef if you eat in Aso! Red beef bowl you want to eat at a touring lunch!

Selfie does not improve forever. The color of the bike and the clothes is very congested. All you need for lunch is to go touring. In fact, I often go touring for lunch. . . […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.6] Aso City HIBARI GRILL

Hello from sunny helmet rock view place. This is Kimidori. This is the place to go for some reason during Aso touring. Take a break because there are toilets and vending machines. Isn't there a lot of people? This is the place to introduce today. […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.2] Sanzan-san

I came to a high place overlooking the superb view. Hello, this is yellow-green. What kind of view is this ... It is a fan terraced rice field in Souzan-mura. Already after cutting, it feels refreshing, & nb […]

Let's enjoy it casually in Kumamoto city! Visit Kumamoto wine that the world pays attention to.

Charm of Kumamoto wine that is highly regarded worldwide. Do you know the keywords that are now attracting attention among tourists visiting Kumamoto? It is "Kumamoto wine"! Are you making wine in Kumamoto too? And those who seem to be surprised [...]

With popularity, Chrygokuki Winery Tour No. 2 bullet! Bonus with 【Afternoon Tea Bus Tour】 Holding decision! ※ Tour application has ended!

Hello. It is Emin, I am not good at katakana in 10 year of visiting Japan. The first day of the Chrysanthemum Wine Tours held last year in 11 moon was received with popularity, the first 2 bullet, "Afternoon Tea Bath Tour" with benefits will be held! By the way, "Afternoon Tea Bath Tour [...]

【Bear Fun Run x Sweet Marathon in Osaka】 First collaboration held decision!

Hello everyone! Sweets, do you like it? After eating Japanese sweets, I am impressed by the taste and I am Emin, who came to resort to sweets from other countries. Today, we are having fun joining such delicious sweet all-you-can-eat, both young and old and young women [...]

I do not want to tell anyone! We will introduce a new secret base [popular bars Kotobuki]!

Hello. It is Emin, who knew the taste of beer after becoming a social worker. I will introduce the "Secret Base" we found on a private basis the other day! When entering a narrow street just before entering Namikizaka from Uen Street, you should see a two-storey fashionable Izakaya [...]

Immersed in beautiful skin water & exquisite relaxation & baby's newborn baby! I went to Uki Onsen in the northern part of Kumamoto City!

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. Kumamoto Prefecture is a hot spring big country that I heard so far! Aso and Amakusa, as well as hot springs scattered all over the prefecture. It is fascinated by the good quality of the springs and it is what "hot spring sanctuary" gathers hot spring freak from the whole country. This time, especially in Kumamoto [...]

I want to drink comfortably! I want to eat lots of cheap! We will introduce shops in Ueno behind Kumamoto City where you can taste Showa style!

Hello everyone. Speaking of summer ,, KinKin's beer, good rice! ! With that, you can overcome the sultry summer of Kumamoto. Today, while enjoying the Showa style, delicious dishes at reasonable prices introduce recommended shops in Kamono in large sets [...]

Kumamoto's alcohol culture, Learn here! Water drivers, rice chefs, alcoholic beverage "Kuma BAR"! !

Hello. What will you come up with when you ask Kumamoto? Nature, volcano, Kumamoto Castle, horse sting, tasty water, ... I am from China's countryside, so I was moved by the taste of Kumamoto's water first! ! Until now the expression "water is delicious" until now [...]

【Series】 Dedicated and prejudiced stolen! Recommended Kumamoto Ramen store 【Kumamoto city center part 1】

Hello. My favorite noodles are pork bone. However, cup noodles are soy sauce fancy kimidori. I would like to introduce a ramen restaurant I recommend personally! Speaking of Kumamoto's delicious things, horse sting, beef, mustard lotus root, prawn praise, caster drum, Taiping Tsubame [...]