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[Aso/Daikanbo] You can see Buddha from Aso's classic Daikanbo⁉

Hello! Although it is the rainy season, it is often the case that the sunny days are over 30 degrees Celsius, and I have the impression that summer will not begin in earnest. This time, I would like to introduce you to Daikanbo, which is a classic spot in the Aso area, but let me introduce you to […]

[Yamato Town] Let's support the most organic town in Japan, Yamato Town! !!

Crowdfunding started in Yamatocho on the 19th. I want to keep Yamato-cho, the best organic town in Japan, alive! It is a joint project of producers, processing companies and restaurants. […]

[Kami Amakusa/Yushima] Yushima feeling in the video♪ (Updated on 7/1)

My name is Miyata, and I love rice and cats. On June 19, the self-restraint was further eased, and the movement of people across prefectures was lifted nationwide in principle. However, I think some people are hesitant to go out and go to places where people gather. […]

[Minami Aso] Aso Slow Food Natural Restaurant "Ironaki Kaze"

I found a very nice restaurant in Minamiaso! Its name is "Ironakikaze" It is easy to access from Kumamoto city by about 1 hour. Deliver that charm with a photo of the food […]

[Ruins of Kumamoto/Taishoji Temple] I went to a hot topic in that NHK Taiga drama!

Hello! Watching the rainy season, Tsukapi is practicing marathon practice. This time I ran for "coolness" to the remains of Taishoji Temple in Tachida Nature Park! Although it is hot and humid during the rainy season, the park feels quite cool. You can recover your physical strength […]

[Uto/Uto brand] There are various ways to use food! Introducing clams in olive oil! (Part 1)

Hello! I'm Tsukapi. "Food" is also an important factor for sportsmen! In addition to daily training, Tsukapi is careful about her diet. This time we would like to introduce the Uto brand that uses agricultural and marine products from Uto City. […]

Awarded 2020 stars at Japan Winery Award XNUMX®

The Kumamoto Wine Farm and Kikuka Winery (Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture) received four stars at the 2020rd Japan Winery Awards 300® (sponsored by: Japan Winery Award Council). Receive excellent quality from about XNUMX wineries nationwide […]

[Kami Amakusa/Yushima] I walked around the cat island "Yushima"!

Every day in the middle of the rain, today I'm not feeling well, these days... I am in Kamiamakusa/Yushima! What kind of image do you get when you hear the place name "Yushima"? Recently, "Yushima" was also picked up in "Sakagami Animal Kingdom" […]

Announcing the outline of the "Go To Travel Business" that is now attracting attention!

On June 6th, the Japan Tourism Agency issued a public notice of planning competition for the operation of the "Go To Travel Business". The outline is as follows. The timing of implementation will be officially decided, but I am looking forward to it. Until then, various Kumamoto citizen-only campaigns […]

Special feature of shops where you can feel like traveling abroad while staying in Kumamoto! !!

When I was depressed because I couldn't go abroad for a while, I suddenly came up with it. "Isn't it good if I can feel the feeling of being abroad with food?" I tried it at lunch immediately! First of all, let's take a look at the super popular store of Kogobukuro, which has its main store in Taipei. Crane […]

[Experience report] I participated in the Aso Kuju cycle tour! (Early summer)

Sunny Aso. I participated in the Aso Kuju cycle tour sponsored by Trim Company! It was closed until the end of May, but it will be restarted from June, so I would like to write a hands-on report that everyone will want to visit! [Official HP of Trim Company] […]

[Food Report] I went to "Nu Sushi" in Amakusa, which is famous as one of Japan's three biggest sushi!

Mizukichi loves sushi over seafood bowls. A self-restraining life that lasted XNUMX-XNUMX months. The only good thing was that I could save money without spending too much money. However! Sometimes I can't do my best in my daily work unless I reward myself! So, jump in Amakusa […]

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