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Amakusa's Earth Fish x Ryosan Collection I want to seriously enjoy fish Amakusa's famous shops Local cuisine Entertainment

Do you know Amakusa has three oceans? East China Sea to the west, Ariake Sea to the north, Yatsushiro Sea to the south. Utsumi is filled with nutrients in the Kyushu mountain range, various fishes bred by a rich fishing ground by ocean current flowing from the south. You can enjoy fish in season throughout the year, exactly "Fish gush [...]

Look forward to "traveling time"! A journey to eat in the restaurant Kumamoto's first landing restaurant bus (test drive report)

Hello from the book highland, where the blowing snow is 4 moon. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Today, except for Okinawa, this time I came to the test drive meeting of Kyushu's first landing restaurant bus. ● The easy-to-understand movie for the restaurant bus is here 2-storey owl [...]

Enjoy it for 1 day! Professional teaching "just right countryside" Outing plans of Samsung castle

Kamishijo-gun consisting of five towns of Mifune-cho, Kajima-cho, Mashiro machi, Koza-machi and Yamato-cho. Located near the center of Kumamoto prefecture, good access from inside and outside the prefecture such as Aso Kumamoto Airport and Mifune IC is also good. This time, I spend the day in such a high-benefit castle the professional shijaku area shake which is professional tourism of Shimosaki sightseeing [...]

Shimoura blending with the city Shimoura Masonry's soul Important cultural property of the country Gion Bridge

Born and raised in rural areas in Amakusa, every time I went to Hondo 's "town", I was looking at the stone bridge near the busy shopping street. When I became a high school student I went to school from the boarding house to the school every day by going to the school through the stone bridge, but that is the name of Gyuen Bridge [...]

Kumamoto rediscovery media "Oru to Kumamoto" began.

Greetings Nice to meet you, Mr. Morinaga of Editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Born in Kumamoto 33 years, I have been doing sightseeing work mainly in Kumamoto for more than 10 years. Taking pictures with animals is said to increase likability and take pictures with red beef [...]

About site About Kumamoto rediscovery media "Oru and Kumamoto"

Kumamoto rediscovery media "Oru and Kumamoto" is a web site by Kumamoto Co., Ltd. DMC, which was created with the aim of transmitting Kumamoto's food and sight to the world through content marketing. Behind the super famous spot in Kumamoto, I do not know but Ike [...]

[Updating from time to time] Morinaga loves karate fried deep fried tofu (Aso edition)

Hello everyone. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Suddenly, do you like chicken fried? I love it. By the way, if you rank your favorite food to ranking it looks like the following. The only protein that comes in the best 5, it is a chicken [...]

Cospa best! Ryokan of "gastronomic" stuck to local ingredients "Affaien" (Aso City, Kumamoto Pref.) ① Dinner

I have experienced ryokans more than 100, up to now, from business work, luxury inns to reasonable accommodations, but by all means to everyone who expects "cooking", one of the ryokan you want to recommend is Kumamoto Prefecture Aso It is the Uchimaki hot spring "Affaien". Considering that cosa [...]

Cospa best! Ryokan of "gastronomic" stuck to local ingredients "Affaien" (Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture) ② Breakfast & facilities

I will eat rice 3 cup ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ① I would like to thank you for dinner editing. Well, next morning ,,, Breakfast will be served at the main meal on the main building 1 floor. A variety of homemade fruit wines are lined up at the counters of the meal service. Autumn vegetable garden [...]

Let's go by hand! A fishing spot where a fish caught in a mountain stream is eaten on the spot

Hello everyone. Suddenly, are we going to schedule GW? This time, we will introduce a recommended mountain stream fishing spot to everyone who is wondering where to go now! I heard that you can enjoy fishing and fresh river fish dishes in a beautiful valley "Kisato Falls Natural Fishing [...]

【Perfect preservation version】 9 shops where you can taste Aka beef dumplings in Aso! (← updated on 21st July!)

Hello with the cow. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. All of a sudden, do you like Aso 's beef? Have you ever tried it? What? I liked it too much and went to the livestock market. In such livestock market, recently high prices [...]

Hinoyoshi's lunch is determined without ever having to eel! Long-established store of foundation 100 "Uemura eel"

Hello. It is Sato from Hitoyoshi. Speaking of gourmet 1 place you want to eat in Hitoyoshi, after all it is eel! Even so please look, this long line! ! ! By the way, it is about 11 o'clock before noon .... Even if you want to eat at the same time, the old 100 year old [...]

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