Travel industry registration card

(Business scope) Domestic travel
(Registration number) Kumamoto prefecture governor registration travel business No. 2-260 issue
(Registration date month) Heisei 29 year 4 month 7 day
(Validity period) From 29 month 4 day of Heisei 7 to 34 month 4 day of Heisei 6 year
(Name or name) Kumamoto DMC Co., Ltd. (Otoru Kumamoto Tour)
(Name of sales office) Tour Plaza KAMITORI
(Business office address) 10F, Higo-Kamidori Building, 1-1 Kamidori-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
(Telephone number of sales office) TEL: 096-276-6875 FAX: 096-276-6895
(Opening hours) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (except weekends and holidays · New Year's holidays)
(Travel service manager) General travel service manager Hidenobu Okazaki
(Name of travel agency association) Japan Travel Agency Association (ANTA)
(Travel agreement terms)

〇 Department of solicited planned travel contract, department of made-to-order planned travel contract, arranged travel contract, travel procedure agency, etc.

(Travel conditions)

〇 Domestic recruitment type planned travel condition document* Order-based planning travel conditions〇 Arranged travel conditions〇 Travel procedure agency conditions

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