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Start in July! Kumamoto Prefecture North Accommodation Grant Summary [Arao/Kikuchi/Yamaga]

Hello! Mizukichi is always extending his antenna to local government campaigns. Arao and Kikuchi, located in the northern part of Kumamoto, will start a new accommodation grant in July! In addition, the "GoTo Yamaga Campaign," which started in June, has also been extended in duration […]

[Arao/Minami Arao] The moving goby is cute! I went to the Arao Tidal Flat and Wetland Center.

Hello. Miyata likes to eat rice and cats three times. This is the second article about my hometown, Arao. The first article is from the link below! [Arao/Minami Arao] A must-see for cat lovers! Arao's unknown cat spot Now, this time, Arao tidal flat and Arao tidal flat/wetland center […]

[Arao] A must-see for cat lovers! An unknown cat spot in Arao

Hello. My name is Miyata, and I love rice and cats. This time, we will introduce Miyata's hometown and hidden cat spots in Arao City. (I didn't see any cats around the shrine, so if you want to see them, don't expect too much. […]

This time, we will introduce the skills of craftsmen living in Kumamoto, this time about the traditional crafts of Koshiro ware, Yamaga lanterns, Koba monkey, Amakusa pottery ceramics, Mizhirahira ware!

Kumamoto still has crafts that are born from the rich nature, craftsmanship, and wisdom of living, and that are used in daily life. This time, from among them, "Shiroyaki" in Arao City, "Yamaga Lantern" in Yamaga City, "Kiba Monkey" in Tadashi Town, and "Ten" in Hondo Town, Amakusa City […]

The topic boils down in the river drama! I went to the "Kin Chestnut Four Sensational Museum" to honor the father's achievement of the Japanese marathon ~ The first part ~

"Kin chestnuts four museum" opened in Kazui Town, Kumamoto prefecture! Finally started, have you seen this year's big river drama "Imadeen ~ Tokyo Olympics 噺 ~" already? The first five Japanese [...]

I am introducing "Fri Kinokuri (Kannuri Shigeru)" from the Kumamoto prefecture, the father of a Japanese marathon who is currently talking about in the Olympics for the first time in Japanese!

Do you know the Japanese marathon's father "Kinnikuri Shikisa (Kannuri Yuu)"? ! Because it is not a person who is generally not well-known, there seems to be not many people who took a look at some sports fans, "Who is that?" [...]

Golden Week in 2019 year is on 10 consecutive holidays! Introduce spring-in and out spot of Kumamoto at once!

Hello. This is Morinaga from Kumamoto. Did you know that this year's Golden Week is an 10 holiday? I am working in the tourism industry and my 10 work has been confirmed. With the throne of the new emperor, Shinzo Abe intends to make 2019 month 5 day a holiday only in 1 year […]

11 Moon determined from 1 day! Kumamoto Prefecture Kita × zekkei "# zekkei Kumamoto Prefecture North" Introduction of 2018 Photo Contest.

Hello. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. Does everyone like to take pictures? I did not like it especially, but since I emigrated to Minamioguni-machi before 4 years ago, the scenery was so wonderful that I wanted to tell someone somehow! Like to take pictures and think so [...]

2018 Year of Golden Week day and congestion prediction. I tried collecting events & recommendation spots (← updating to plain)

Hello. I'm sorry for my swollen face and strange bangs. It is Morinaga of Otara and Kumamoto. The spring vacation is over and the Golden week is coming soon! Are you planning to go out? What? This time, it is relatively comfortable when you go out from the line of sun [...]

If you say "Hatsumode" in Kumamoto, here it is! I tried collecting together with the recommended recommended spots.

Hello, busy part of the year. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. Well, it is almost time for the 2017 year to end and the 2018 year is about to begin. What was the year like 201X NUMX for everyone? A good person next year is a better year [...]

In the northwest part of Kumamoto Prefecture, I met many kinds of goldfish in Nagasu town, one of the country's leading goldfish producing regions, I learned the history and enjoyed the town surrounded by goldfish!

Hello in the back. My favorite goldfish is the Netherlands lion head, Kimidori. Today I came to the Nagasu town of Tamana County, the prefecture border with Fukuoka prefecture in the northwestern part of Kumamoto Prefecture. It is approximately an hour by car from Kumamoto city. Here in Nagasu town as the production area of ​​goldfish [...]

Enjoy the summer of Kumamoto! River play & sea & cool spot! Introduction at a glance!

Hello. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. I am sorry that the color is black. The 6 month is over and the 2017 year is half done! I can not hide my surprise. Although the latter half of the war will begin, it will be summer vacation soon! Speaking of summer is water play! When […]