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[A city that is always exciting.Pounding Yamaga Campaign] A town that is always exciting.Pounding Yamaga Campaign

Ladies and gentlemen, Hello.My name is Miyata and I spend most of the week in Yamaga.Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, is known as a hot spring village for beautiful skin, boasting an abundant amount of hot water. Staying in Yamaga City from November 11st, eating, playing ... everything is packed with "Dokidoki ♡" […]

Hamada Soy Sause's brewery cafe "Rabbit Cafe" has a very nice atmosphere

This time, let's introduce "Rabbit Cafe" in Oshima, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City! !!It is made by renovating an old-fashioned warehouse after being damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake.And it seems that Kengo Kuma was the one who produced it!Tokyo Olympics […]

[Kawachi] I tried somen Kawayuka and a new drive-in UFO! !!

Hi everyone, cool, it has become easy to season spent ~ This time, let's introduce the drive spot of the topic in the Kawachi west district of Kumamoto! !!A 20-minute drive from Kumamoto city center.First of all, lunch "somen Kawayuka […]

[New sake and taste of autumn] Harvest festival will be held!

Ladies and gentlemen, Hello.This is Miyata, which continues to disseminate information about Yamaga.A harvest festival will be held at Kikuka Winery in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture.It was a grand harvest festival last year, but this year it will be held while thoroughly implementing measures against the new coronavirus […]

Updated 10/13 [Yamaga you don't know! ?? ] The mini program "Yururin Yamaga" has started broadcasting!

Ladies and gentlemen, Hello.My name is Miyata and I spend most of the week in Yamaga these days.Yamaga has wonderful people, nature, and food, and it naturally turns its feet.The other day, I ate "Kuridake Dango" from Sagara Chaya, but it was so delicious […]

A lot of discoveries when you take a leisurely walk!美里フットパスで感じる里山の魅力The charm of Satoyama that you can feel with Misato Footpass

Have you ever experienced Footpath? Translated literally, "Foot Path" is a path for walking.Unlike walking, which cares about the amount of exercise, "footpath" is to walk around while making detours and weeds.Do not walk in the living space of the area […]

[Yamaga is still polite and dedicated today. ] Go To Yamaga Safety Travel

Ladies and gentlemen, Hello.My name is Miyata and I spend three days a week in Yamaga.I have become involved with the people of Yamaga and feel the wonderfulness of Yamaga.According to the story I heard, Yamaga City has a lot of support for raising children.About this […]

【Call for Participation!Yamaga] 10/18 Morning yoga is held!

Morning yoga will be held at Kikuka Winery in Yamaga City!Anyone from children to the elderly can participate.Participation fee is free, beginners are OK!Why not practice yoga on the vast lawn of the winery? Morning yoga in 2019 T-shirt, […]

[Congratulations on the opening of the celebration Aso] I ran the restoration route on the north side of Route 57, the current road!

Approximately four and a half years after the Kumamoto earthquake, the long-awaited second access restoration to Aso, the north side restoration route of Route 4, the current road has opened.For the past four and a half years, the detour route of Milk Road has been inconvenient, but the northern restoration route is exclusively for automobiles […]

[Recommended exquisite gourmet] Enjoy Aso / Ubuyama beef steak!

The Hohi Line has revived and "Aso Boy" seems to be very popular, but this time I drove to Aso.We ran on the Milk Road, took a short break at Daikanbo, ran on the Yamanami Highway, and arrived at the desired Ubuyama village, "Minshuku / Farmer Restaurant Yamanosato" in about 15 minutes. & […]

"SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto 1st Anniversary Campaign"

In commemoration of the 1st anniversary of "SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto", "Ride with Kumamon's IC card! Buy and save! Campaign & Event" is being held.This is your chance to earn more points during the period!Also, a special booth […]

[Minamata] Let's stay in Minamata with double coupons! !!

Hello everyone! The distribution of GoTo Travel area common coupons has finally started in October, but in Minamata City, "Minamata Tourism Support Tickets" are being distributed as a plus.If you stay at Yunoko, Yunotsuru, or a business hotel, you can get a 10 yen per person […]

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