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Shining white wall and Shiranui Sea! I participated in the newly-initiated Matsui Fureai trip!

Do you have a memorable hometown landscape? The scene when I discovered Miki Prune that my grandmother had stored in the warehouse for about 20 years (left?) Is most clearly remembered. Hello, this is yellow-green. I threw it away. […]

Don't forget the top spots in the area! I went to the "Kanakuri Shiso Museum" to honor the achievements of my Japanese marathon father-second part-

Kinzuri Shizo also visited! Let's go to a tourist spot Kumamoto short trip following the footsteps of Shizuru Kinkuri, one of the main characters of this year's Taiga drama "Identen". The first half is from here! In Wazu Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, where Kinshuku was born [...]

It is a topic even in the XNUM X-year Taiga drama, starring Tomo General and Akechi Mitsuhide! ? Hosokawa Iya Bodhi Temple "Taishukuji trace" where "Hosokawa Garasha (Mushide's daughter)" sleeps, which is related to Kumamoto that is not known unexpectedly, is a hidden tourist spot! ?

The spectacular life of "Hosokawa Garasha" Hosokawa Garasha was born in 1563 as the third daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide, whose name is "Akechi Tama". After being grown up as a daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide, she was raised as a daughter of X-MOX years, and by the order of Nobunaga Oda, Hosokawa's oldest son "Hosokawa Tadako" [...]

The topic boils down in the river drama! I went to the "Kin Chestnut Four Sensational Museum" to honor the father's achievement of the Japanese marathon ~ The first part ~

"Kin chestnuts four museum" opened in Kazui Town, Kumamoto prefecture! Finally started, have you seen this year's big river drama "Imadeen ~ Tokyo Olympics 噺 ~" already? The first five Japanese [...]

【Impressed by the elegant Momoyama garden! I have been to Suizenji Gardens in Kumamoto City for a moment to heal at the place honing Hosokawa family!

Hello, this is Editorial Department of the Kumamoto Kumamoto. A place where you can see the best autumn leaves as cherry blossoms. Surrounded by lush greenery in the summer .... "Suizenji Gardens" where beautiful trees and spring water that are carefully carved every corner invite you to an unusual world. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city [...]

We introduce beautiful traditional craft "Kagamimoto boasts" "Higo Inlaid"!

Hello. Suddenly, what kind of crafts are you interested in? Today I will introduce about Kumamoto's leading handicraft "Higo Inlaid". Kumamoto Prefecture Traditional Crafts Center is a facility for introducing and selling attractive crafts of Kumamoto. About 80 species in the hall [...]

500 people 500 colors! Kumamoto Merchant's thought - Mother Five Yu Han

Hello. Everyone, you saw Jizo san, did not he? Then, do not you think that it is a tremendous sight if there are many stone statues on the roadside? Actually, it's in Kumamoto! ! That name is also Five Hundred Han! Kazuhiko Ogawa (@ [...]

I will introduce about the authentic shochu brand [shimchi made in Kyushu] which was recognized only in Japan with only one 4 production area name.

Hello. The first shochu that I drank in the eighth year since I came to Kumamoto is here. This is Shochu made by Oishi Shuzo in commemoration of the formation of Azaigaoka Gakuen! With a refreshing scent, soft mouthfeel, elegant taste of rice spreading in the mouth, bitter taste, throat was very good [...]

Kumamoto's boasts of Japan's best swordsmen, Miyamoto Musashi Yukarina 【Guild dong] I will show you!

Hello everyone. What we are introducing this time is the place related to Japan's biggest fencer / Miyamoto Musashi! ! I spent the last years of 5 in Kumamoto, and at that time I chose it as a place to practice, Guanghuangdong. In the west of Kumamoto city, a cave in the foot of Mount Kimpozan, Lingwamdong-dong [...]

Must-see business trip! Kumamoto castle course in a short time. You can buy Kumamoto souvenirs without suffering! !

Hello. I stayed in Kumamoto for 9 years and I will introduce about the Kumamoto castle course in a short time for a business trip that has a short stay, according to a recommended souvenir from a foreigner. First of all, it is a one-legged forage oar! ! It is now accessible [...]

【Walking in Japanese style clothes】 How to enjoy the Suizenji Garden Enjoyment 【In front of Suizenji Park · Kokin Gurin】

It is a kimidori, which shoots up behind the staff Ernie from the rainy fall. Speaking of Kumamoto's sightseeing spots, it is a famous Suizenji Park as a spot lining up in "Kumamoto Castle", "Aso", "Amakusa". The official name is "Suizenji Gorge [...]

Just right country hall Kumimashiki 【just right history · learning ②】 Introduce the spot to experience the history of Kamimoto Prefecture Samseong Castle!

The dinosaur museum feels ancient romance and the Seiwa Bunraku which is transmitted from the Edo period .... In Shimon Castle where history dwells, there are plenty of spots where adults and children can also become crazy and can learn by playing! Recommendation of Shishijo History · Learning Journey This is an introduction of 2 bullets! 【Ancient · [...]