About this site

The charm of "Kyushu · Kumamoto" where locals send out to the world.
I would like to offer "travel" and "food" that people who visit want to visit many times, which are the best memories of their lives.

One of the most beautiful water in the world that overflows from Mt. Aso nurtures "rich" earth and nature.
"Food" that grew up in such "rich areas" should surely be able to make people happy.
Through this site, we live in Kumamoto, we will continue to disseminate resources and content that can make people happy with "food" and "travel".

Thank you very much for seeing "Oru and Kumamoto" this time.
This site collects information on sightseeing, food, culture, festival, inn, experience (activities) etc. from the thought that Kumamoto who visits to Kyushu and Kumamoto want to know more about the appeal of Kumamoto and publish it is.

We are paying the latest attention to updating information, but if the information is old, or experiences that information can not be gathered, we would be pleased if you could contact us.

I hope everyone will be able to make better time in Kyushu and Kumamoto even a little.

If you have any comments or questions on our site, please contact us by email.
Kumamoto Corporation DMC
For inquiries: tel 096-276-6655

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