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Cospa best! Ryokan of "gastronomic" stuck to local ingredients "Affaien" (Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture) ② Breakfast & facilities

I will eat rice 3 cup ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ① I would like to thank you for dinner editing. Well, next morning ,,, Breakfast will be served at the main meal on the main building 1 floor. A variety of homemade fruit wines are lined up at the counters of the meal service. Autumn vegetable garden [...]

Let's go by hand! A fishing spot where a fish caught in a mountain stream is eaten on the spot

Hello everyone. Suddenly, are we going to schedule GW? This time, we will introduce a recommended mountain stream fishing spot to everyone who is wondering where to go now! I heard that you can enjoy fishing and fresh river fish dishes in a beautiful valley "Kisato Falls Natural Fishing [...]

【Perfect preservation version】 9 shops where you can taste Aka beef dumplings in Aso! (← updated on 21st July!)

Hello with the cow. It is Morinaga of the editor-in-chief of Kumamoto Kumamoto. All of a sudden, do you like Aso 's beef? Have you ever tried it? What? I liked it too much and went to the livestock market. In such livestock market, recently high prices [...]

Hinoyoshi's lunch is determined without ever having to eel! Long-established store of foundation 100 "Uemura eel"

Hello. It is Sato from Hitoyoshi. Speaking of gourmet 1 place you want to eat in Hitoyoshi, after all it is eel! Even so please look, this long line! ! ! By the way, it is about 11 o'clock before noon .... Even if you want to eat at the same time, the old 100 year old [...]

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