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A one-day special tour where you can interact with locals at Yamatocho Yamato-Cho! !

Everyone is Hello (^^ ♪ guidance of special tours of foreign customers limited. Gods power spot "Nusaritsu Jingu" worship and Japan of the original landscape remains to gather in the "Yamato-cho YAMATO-Cho" interact with the local people One-day special tour [...]

“Chill out with Jibier and Bonfire, a gathering of solo campers” held! !

Loving camp Hello, everyone! ! In Kosa Town, we will be holding a “Chillout and Solo Camper Gathering with Jibier and Bonfire” for 11 days from 23 Monday (Saturday) to 24 Sunday (Sunday)! ! Participants include “bonfire / outdoor classroom” and “[…]

The best feast is vegetables Organic village Yamatocho Sake Brewery Marche! !

The best feasts are “vegetables”, “sake” and “clear air of Yamato-cho”! ! Information on “Sake Brewery Marche” to be held in Organic Village, Yamatocho! Hello everyone (^^ ♪ harvest of autumn, but will be held harvest festivals and Marche in various fields anymore [...]

Aso area promotion fair 2019 was held!

Aso area promotion fair held this year! Organized by the “Aso Regional Promotion Fair Executive Committee” composed of Kumamoto Prefecture and Aso region 7 municipalities, Kumamoto DMC Co., Ltd., and Higo Bank Co., Ltd.

Shining white wall and Shiranui Sea! I participated in the newly-initiated Matsui Fureai trip!

Do you have a memorable hometown landscape? The scene when I discovered Miki Prune that my grandmother had stored in the warehouse for about 20 years (left?) Is most clearly remembered. Hello, this is yellow-green. I threw it away. […]

[Recommended Touring Route] Touring to Minami Aso is closer due to the opening of Hiyama Tunnel Route!

Hello to the mirror over. Smartphone has always been Android's Kimidori. By the way, when you go to Aso by motorcycle, what route do you go to? It ’s not an ordinary road with no change and an intersection over there… ”[…]

Recommended for Aso Touring. I went to the beautiful mountain area! The sea of ​​clouds was also beautiful!

Hello from the autumn leaves, it is yellow-green. Today we will introduce a little touring course in Aso. Even in a word, Aso's touring, there are many different routes, and the mileage is usually over 200km. Not only large motorcycles, but a little […]

If you go to Aso ... recommended motorcycle souvenirs! South Aso's hormone!

Hello! Recently, when I go out on a motorcycle, I will pack cool bags, Kimidori. I went to Aso on a motorcycle and came across something delicious, and I had to give up on purchasing refrigerated or frozen items several times, and since then I have always been loading […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.6] Aso City HIBARI GRILL

Hello from sunny helmet rock view place. This is Kimidori. This is the place to go for some reason during Aso touring. Take a break because there are toilets and vending machines. Isn't there a lot of people? This is the place to introduce today. […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.5] Minamiogunicho Hanagou

Hello 1 people from lovers of the hill (Hiranodai plateau view place). This is Kimidori. The panoramic view overlooking the Aso mountains from this observatory that entered from Kurokawa Onsen is amazing! ! On this weekday, a Dutch couple and a solo traveler from Taiwan […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.4] Takamori Town Takamori Tara Village

Hello! Kimidori was filled with the feelings of Sumimasen because he was embarrassed to have been told that he had returned after a month of delivery. Today we're introducing recommended lunch spots for group tours! […]

Recommended lunch for Aso Touring! [Welcome Bikers! Vol.3] Aso City lava stone kiln pizza bowl

Hello from the sunshine filtering through foliage. This is Kimidori. Aso's autumn leaves have made great progress. Today we will introduce a restaurant where you can eat delicious pizza at Aso! Run on the milk road, from the front of Daikanho to the left, & nbs […]

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